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new game


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there is a new space based war game i love it. very cool and complex.​rift_empires/?ref_id=123495681​8&ref_type=link&ref_uid=7083


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Thank you for this one. I don't play games much on social networks, except for poker. You all know why. USS Sarajevo


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IF YOU JOIN MY ALLIANCE I CAN HELP YOU ALONG - sTARDRIFT eMIRE​rift_empires/?ref_id=123495681​8&ref_type=link&ref_uid=7083


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I always like Maths tricks and puzzle games.
Maths game makes brain strong and challenging,Maths games really can make student interested in the subject, what is important is that it should be a part of the over alll learning and not the only learning.Mathematics often gets a bad rap. Loaded with practical usage, teachers and parents see and know that Maths is part of everyday life. Conveying that to students, however can be difficult. Every game of strategy, skill or chance relies on practical applications of mathematical principles from pool to baseball to checkers. In fact, it's through games that children are often exposed to higher mathematical principles before a conscious explanation of these principles can be understood. Indeed, playing games can reinforce math studies. Maths Games Toys

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