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The Borg Cube in the Episode Collective

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Report this Aug. 14 2011, 3:11 pm

What do you think they done and What would you have done iff you were Janeway and on Voyeger . Would you have destroyed it set its self destruct maybe , Would you have sent a destress message to the Borg from it or would you have used it maybe to get home . Not like Voyeger would not fit in it and they had some knowledge and experience off working on one and they also had Seven . They could have parked Voyeger in it and used its Trnswarp and they could have been home to the Alpha Quadrant and the federation in no time and have a nice prize for the Federation . What do ye think I think id do that myself wort a try 

Iff ye have any other suggestion,s or options about what you would do or you think  they done do say it too .

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