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Vegas conveitons


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so far i think it has gone pretty well , us setting the record was cool , the rio is a pretty nice place , but there is a lot of walking , which i am gona complain about ,


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Vegas at this time of the year is super HOT!! If it is all indoors consider yourself lucky lol!


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Just seeing the people up close and sometimes even talking to a few is way cool. The dealer's room is fun, seing old toys as I had as a kid, and new things as well.


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I heard there was a panel on a new series and the crowd almost revolted against the stupid ideas the moderators were hawking.  My friend out there said it was infuriating.

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The convention was great. Loved the whole world record thing and the Best Star Trek Captain Panel was great! It was just a great experience and tons of fun. And yeah, the walking was a bit annoying, but that's my only complaint!

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