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Star Trek The Blueprints

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Created by: kyletheg33k


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On the Star Wars website, they have recently announcd a book of blueprints containing the blueprints for sets and props from the 6 films. After I saw this, I wondered why CBS or Paramount hadn't created a similar product already for Star Trek. I am aware of the other blueprints books but this book is more in-depth as to how the sets and prop would have actually been built.


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It would be a highly desired book, there are so many fan films and everyone wants authenticity.
But i expec that it would probably need to be a set of books since there was so many desighns and races over three centuries, but it is a good idea, Well Reasoned!

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Of course!! Think of how many people out there *cough, me,cough* who have trouble writing fanfics/episodes for ST because of the lack of details about each vessel. Enterprise is easy to get plans for, but what about everything else?

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