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Report this Aug. 11 2011, 11:54 am

Just recently I have come into possession of what I believe to be 35mm film for a movie theater projector.  On this film is the trailor for Star Trek Generations.  What I need is more information.  Can I use this on a home projector?  If so, where can I find such a projector?  Is this film rare or common?  Is it worth something or priceless?


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Report this Aug. 21 2011, 6:24 pm

It could be worth something. I would go online and see if there are any trailors for it. DON'T try it on your home projector until you KNOW it will work (and if this comes to late either a)sorry!! or b)hurrah!!). If you figure that out, you should take it to a local pawn shop and see if they know how much it's worth (I'd try more than one, you don't want someone ripping you off). But bear in mind that ST won't last forever. Someday this could be worth ALOT!! Although, if it's rare, I wouldn't sell it. Keep it as a memory of the good days for when you're old and tv sucks (*cough Jersey Shore cough* I'm joking, by the way....yeah). LOL I hope this helps!

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