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Wow! Olivia Wilde as the next Captain?


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Report this Aug. 09 2011, 1:42 am

Great to see an article about Olivia on, I think it would be great to see her in a future Star Trek film as Captain, I believe she is a confident and charismatic actor and it would be great to test her onscreen leadership skill in Star Trek...

After Jeri Ryan's great entrance and appearance in Star Trek Voyager, I think that this idea about Oliva entering the world of STAR TREK could boost its ratings.

There's only one slight problem, I think Olivia said she'd like to be Kirk, maybe yes, as daughter of the great James T Kirk but to replace the original Captain Kirk, perhaps not, sorry Olivia I'd just have to disagree with you on this small point.

With kind regards,

Neil Mukherjee Esq.

United Kingdom.



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