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Voyager Movie


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Yeah, I love it how Trek fans say Voyager and DS9 don't have the draw for a movie because they werent successful....the correction is not as sucessful as TNG. I think Trek kinda met it's apex with TNG. People seem to forget that TOS was a flop, it was cancelled and only became popular in syndication. 

For their "failures" Voyager comes at 97 out of the top 160 most watched tv series finalies of all time. TNG only beat it in syndication, not during it's original run. Now, let's just think about that some more...OF ALL TIME... Now just think about how many tv shows came out between the inception of television and 2001 when the finale aired....DS9 got a rank of 117, but during it's syndication, not original airdate like Voyager...again same with TNG, only beat Voyager's finale in syndication.

Now to me, that as someone who has worked in film and marketing says there's a market there...

Still on doubt? Series finales Voyager beat in terms of viewers?

Battle Star Gallactica 2005 (the original didn't even make the list)


Prison Break

Stargate SG-1


Law and Order (Yes, Law and Order...the show that was on for over 20 years).

Buffy the Vampire Slayer....and I don't think I need to go any further. Here's the link:

Read it and weep.

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Quote: lizlizzie @ Jan. 10 2012, 12:28 am

>For whatever reason they ended it with the voyage home. That should have been done as a major motion picture. I think voyager was much better than ds9 or next Gen and it was the one series that my whole family would watch together having something that caught the imagination and interest of 4 generations.


i 2nd that


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Very interesting vulcan1981! Thanx for posting it!

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