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If you had been on board Voyager.


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haha hey the a=verage guy is gonna be a red shirt


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If I had been on Voyager, I probably wouldn't be on camara due to my low rank and unimportance.

...I may have just stayed with the 37's.

If I survived the 7 years, I'd retire to Risa.


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I would have had a good cry--tears of homecoming joy!--then I would have tried to catch up with family and friends.  Then, we Voyager survivors would probably have had a reunion, to celebrate, and plan a reunion the same time every year after that.

Hopefully, I would have used those years on Voyager to hone my engineering skills, so I could get a great job at the Academy or designing starship systems at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.  Also, hopefully, I would receive a promotion, along with enough backpay to throw a wild promotion party!

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Go to the beach, go for a hike, learn to snowboard, go to a live concert, run outdoors, and so many other things that you can't do on a ship.  Sure the holodeck is nice, but there's nothing like the real thing.


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Quote: guillermo.mejía @ Jan. 13 2012, 6:25 am


>If I had been on Voyager, I probably wouldn't be on camara due to my low rank and unimportance.

>...I may have just stayed with the 37's.

>If I survived the 7 years, I'd retire to Risa.


I like this maybe I'll be your Risan neighbor.

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Quote: lostshaker @ Sep. 01 2011, 12:40 pm

Quote: Listening to Vic Fontaine @ Aug. 30 2011, 5:37 am


>Certainly refuse any missions for a while to enjoy being back home


I'm certain Starfleet wouldn't immediately reassign Voyager personnel for a variety of purposes. Engineers, for example, would have to be caught up on technological upgrades, ditto for other officers in their respective fields. Starfleet would also want to be sure of psychological stability. Etc... And I'm sure being stuck in the Delta Quadrant, on continuous shift rotation, has earned these people an extended leave.

I don't know what I'd do, because I'd be happy lost in the Delta Quadrant. Think of all those alien beaches to visit. But at some point I'd make sure to have a drink with Reginald Barclay.

What he said, I love Reginald, and would like to join you guys for that coffee

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go to mcdonalds


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ehhh... who knows. I wouldn't have anything waiting for me in the Alpha Quadrant. And its like after something really scary; when its over, you kinda wish it were still happening because of the adrenaline. It'd be kinda like that, but on a longterm scale. I'd probably help Seven adjust to living on Earth. Voyager would be my family.

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wish I were still in the delta quadrant with my family of crewmates.


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I'd work in the Voyager museum on Earth for a while as a guest speaker and guide, telling glorious tales of our battles with the Kazon, the Vidiians, the Hirogen, the Borg, Species 8472, etc.

I suppose after a while I'd want to continue to serve in Starfleet. I'd want to be on a large ship like a Sovereign, so if I were to be stuck in the DQ ever again, we would have a huge advantage against Voyager's old foes.

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Reunite with family, friends etc, have some food that is not replicated or made by Nelix... and after a break I'd be back exploring with starfleet 

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get together with the one I love start a family settle down resign my commission and just you be happy that I'm alive and happy

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I would miss Odo!!!! and my fam but i'd just think about the amizing thing of being in a new part of space!

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