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If you had been on board Voyager.


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After not knowing how long it takes you to get home you find yourself finally getting home after only 7 years. What would you do? I think I would have resigned from Starfleet (after getting my promotion) and stayed home with my friends and family whom I thought I would never see again. I might rejoin starfleet but I would wait a few years for sure, really enjoy being back.

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had my dinner


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The first thing I would do is hug my parents and get back in touch with all my friends.... and after that.... I don't know what I would do.

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I'm not sure I think it would be hard to go my separate way after seeing the the same people for seven years. I mean really think about it you all have become a family and excepted each other as you are and learned to live together. People on Earth don't have that same bond because in the delta quadrent you couldn't have enemies on your own ship because there were so many outside your ship. You learned to be dependent on yourselves because you didn't have a federation so suddenly being thrown back into that same federation where you have to depend on the fleet would be a shock. I think I'd have to resign Permanatly from starfleet and just become an independent scientist on Vulcan.

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Write an account of the amazing adventure!

Certainly refuse any missions for a while to enjoy being back home

And celebrate the beauty and wonder all around that is often taken for granted on good old planet Earth

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Screw my wife.


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I would resign from Starfleet and ask Janeway out.


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Quote: janewayjunkie74656 @ Aug. 11 2011, 3:15 pm


>The first thing I would do is hug my parents and get back in touch with all my friends.... and after that.... I don't know what I would do.



Dito with one exception i would include my entire family (since i'm an older fellow and all)


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Quote: Listening to Vic Fontaine @ Aug. 30 2011, 5:37 am


>Certainly refuse any missions for a while to enjoy being back home


I'm certain Starfleet wouldn't immediately reassign Voyager personnel for a variety of purposes. Engineers, for example, would have to be caught up on technological upgrades, ditto for other officers in their respective fields. Starfleet would also want to be sure of psychological stability. Etc... And I'm sure being stuck in the Delta Quadrant, on continuous shift rotation, has earned these people an extended leave.

I don't know what I'd do, because I'd be happy lost in the Delta Quadrant. Think of all those alien beaches to visit. But at some point I'd make sure to have a drink with Reginald Barclay.


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What i make if i had been meet with crew ship,attack Borg cube,research new life forms and planet,find new technology,research all Delta quadrant,even dark place's,even enter on a board Borg cube.Find legendary ship "Prometheus" and make many others in Delta quadrant. And more:i speak with Tuvok about Vulcan's law.


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Quite a few things. You have to be creative here!

1) Participate in the obligatory ceremony.

2) See family and close friends.

3) Request month-long shore leave

4) Disappear in Paris (the city!) for a week or two.

5) Get your promotion

6) Accept a position at command.

7) Write a holonovel

I think that everything, in between goignt o bars and telling stories on the weekends. I can't imagine a better alternative.

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I would ask seven of nine out, to my favourite cafe!


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sleep in a comfortable bed.  Those starfleet beds look horrible.

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I would eat a lot of food. After seven years of replicated crap and Neelix's cooking, I would pig out on some real, non-replicated cuisine. I would make it a round-the-AQ tour, experiencing things like Vulcan, Klingon, etc. anything at all as long as it wasn't reconsituted from stock matter or cooked by a Talaxian.


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