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Trek Collector sells collection on Pawn Stars

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Created by: Camorite


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One of this weeks Pawn Star Episodes dlet with a trek collector selling off his collection in order to some extra money for his wedding. The collection consisted of, if i remember correctly, over 200 peices, spanning most of the franchise (though i didn't see any Enterprise toys in the collection), as well as having many of them signed by the actors that played those charracters. the collection also included a few signed vintage toys as well.

The collector had done some research on the vallue of the collection, and figured that it was worth around 15 grand, however when the shops "expert" came in he only put a price tag of 8 grand on the collection. in the end he got 6100 for the entire collection.

now my question is, do you think that he got a fair price for his collection, or was he ripped off by the guys at the shop.

NOTE: i tried to find a video link for this segment of the show, but was unable to find one. so if anyone knows where one is at, by all means feel free to put it up.

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Too many unknowns. Is the market for ST collectibles hard or soft right now? I'm willing to bet in this economy there isn't a great demand for such things, which means it's a buyer's market.

The seller always had the option to take his collection to another buyer/pawn shop to see if he could receive a more favorable price.

The buyer always takes on risk when acquiring such things because he/she may not be able to sell it for what they paid or more. So, it's hard to say if it was a rip-off.

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not a rip off, but definately low balled. Pawn shops aren't in business to make YOU money, They're tryingbuy low and sell to make themselves rich.

BTW, selling off the entire collection to pay for the wedding? Probably told buy the bride to get rid of it or she would!

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they always buy at wholesale so they can double their money..............


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Question regarding Star Trek and this episode of Pawn Stars:


In this episode Big Hoss says "The original Star Trek was produced by Luceille Ball from "I Love Lucy." This can't be true. I know she had some influence on the Show with NBC and keeping it on the air after the pilot. But producer???


Also, I don't think he got ripped off per-say. I think he could have gotten 5 figures had he sold them to a collector.

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