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Where no one has gone before (Uniform confusion)


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Report this Jul. 30 2011, 8:10 pm

First time here, I figured this will be the only place I can get this question answered.


I just watched this episode on Netflix.

I am sure that this has been spoken about numerous times, but Google failed me on an answer.


The scene when Picard is making the last announcement berfore the trip home they show crew members listening.

In one shot they have a close-up of a lady, behind her from screen left walks a male crew member wearing a red female uniform.


Was there ever any REAL explination about that?


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I noticed that when I watched it too, I just never really questioned it. I thought I had remembered other instances of male officers being in the skirt-like uniform. 


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It is the old dress uniform until they changed to the white one in the films We see Picard actually wearing one in another episode

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