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I have to agree again. The writers really didn't know the characters well enough to do them justice. The sci-fi stories themselves were fantastic week after week, I thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns, but the character development was not so good. For me, fanfic goes a long way to remedy this, but the characters in the show were too often one dimensional.

I don't see Chakotay as weak, but he was not given enough presence. The writers didn't know how to make Janeway look strong while also being vulnerable at times. I think J/C is the greatest waste of romantic tension between two actors with amazing onscreen chemistry EVER. Why could the writers not use that tension/love without actually getting them together? I know Kate Mulgrew objected to a romance between them, which made things harder for the writers, but they could surely have utilized their amazing chemistry to greater end than they did.

I also agree about Kes. I think she is an awesome character, one of my favorites, and I was disapointed by the way they treated her. If any character had to go, it should have been Harry (though I do like him and would hate to see him go), for the very reason that his character had the least to offer the show. Kes definitely had a lot of potential and it would have been interesting to have her and Seven as friends. Kes's death, say in the finale or close to it, could have been very moving had they been friends, and shown more about Seven's recovery of humanity than kissing Chakotay would ever have done. Maybe Kes, not Janeway, should have been her mother figure, especially as she would have been old by the end.

I love the show, and almost all the characters (I try to like Seven  .) but definitely the writing left a lot to be desired.  I would have liked to see Janeway more vulnerable at times, liked to have seen more of the woman, because no one can be the captain 24/7 for 7 years.

Dolph Doorbrick

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I loved that they showed what Voyager could have been if Janeway was only interested in getting home.  And I love the Nova class ship.  Not as much as the Intrepid class though.

Dolph Doorbrick

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Chakotay had a lot of potential, but was squandered away.  I think Neelix should have gone with Voyager and Chakotay should have found someone to fight for in the Delta quadrant.  Many of times Chakotay was the voice of reason when he should have been the one wanting to fight for freedom of some oppressed people.  The doctor was more of this than Chakotay.

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