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Star Trek .. in the Park


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Atomic Arts was founded in early 2009 by siblings Amy and Adam Rosko. In a search for the perfect creative project for the summer, the two realized that with the combined specific skills of they and their friends, a live theatre production would best showcase the best of what each individual had to offer.

Our first show was the first annual installment of TREK IN THE PARK, a live adaptation of a classic STAR TREK episode performed in a park setting. The chosen episode, “Amok Time” pit Kirk (Adam) and Spock (Jesse Graff) in a battle to the death during a bizarre mating ritual on Spock’s home world of Vulcan. The show was free to the public, family friendly and encouraged Portlanders to explore their parks as well as the alternative theatre that was possible in their city. The show opened to rave reviews by city newspapers and online sources. Attendance for the performances reached over 1000 people by the end of the 3-weekend run.


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Check out their site.

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