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Your Own First Trek


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I'm sure we all have memories of how we first discovered Star Trek.

With some of the older posters, I guess they were there when TOS show first premiered in the USA in 1966.

And with the youngest it may well have been having the same experience with Enterprise, or even the latest JJA film reboot.

I'm sure we all have our own personal memories of this one - either personally chancing upon it, or somebody suggesting we should check it out, or reading about it.

In my own case it was initially via a boy's weekly comic followed almost immediately by seeing it on TV.

Any older British members of this site may remember the great Gerry Anderson shows like Thunderbirds and Stingray back in the 1960s (which of course have been re-run many times since). As a very young kid I was a big fan of this stuff and used to get the weekly comic that was created to promote and cover these adventures. It was called TV Century 21 - but usually referred to as simply TV21.

It was a truly brilliant weekly offering designed to look like a newspaper with events from Tracy Island or Marineville being reported as if they were actual news reportage complete with photographs etc. The cover very much resembled a weekly tabloid or magazine, and the insides were stuffed full of graphic stories covering Thunderbirds, Stingray, Fireball XL5, etc. from the Anderson camp as well as other popular shows like Doctor Who. Also and significantly, new imported programmes arriving from the USA often first appeared in print here before they even showed up on TV. That was the case with Land of the Giants and more importantly Star Trek.

That was how I first discovered Star Trek. I can't remember exactly what the story was about (it is so very long ago and my mum threw out most of my TV21s before I could save them later on) but I do remember that it actually showed the Enterprise landing on a planet and the whole crew disembarking via ramps down onto a runway of some sort. I guess the artists hadn't yet been briefed upon how the crew actually beamed down!!! It was also headed something along the lines of 'watch out for the new TV series' - so I did!

Literally within days - perhaps a week or so at the outside - I stumbed across a TV show one Saturday evening whilst changing channels and thought "hey! It's that show from TV21!" This would be 1969 I guess, when it premiered in the UK.

The rest, as they say, is history ...

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dark trekkie

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used to watch tos and next gen with my dad growing up, it naturally progressed to watching voyager and ds9, never really got into enterprise

ive now married a trekkie as well


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Well I don't know I was always interested -- I remember watching the occasional episode as a kid and being distantly intrigued when TNG first came out.

But it wasn't until I moved out in 1997 that I felt able to watch any show (as much as I liked) without the risk of parental recrimination. I was receiving enough mockery at school without having to put up with it at home as well, so I never became a regular viewer until I started uni.

One of the girls at the college where I was staying (A college in uni-talk is roughly equivalent to a dorm except without sharing rooms.) was really into Star Trek and a huge fan of Q and Picard. I really liked the stories of TNG and especially the various twists that they would often have at the end.

I have reasonably clear memories of the beginning of several episodes of Voyager and DS9, like Past Tense and Doctor Bashir I Presume (I know the titles now!) Mostly because the TV channels showed one Star Trek series at a time (usually one of those two) quite late at night, and generally while I was relatively exhausted from studying all day. I would stay up to watch them, and then half the time I would end up falling asleep before they had properly begun!

For a while I was a Voyager fan and honestly, my first reaction to DS9 was "Who the hell are these people and what did they do to Voyager?" I can't remember the episode, but DS9 quickly became my favourite series after that -- as I got to know some characters better -- and particularly so with the beginning of the Dominion War.

Regarding Enterprise, I did not see that when it first came out because I did not have access to Digital TV at the time, which was the only place they were showing it in Japan. So I saw it a few years later instead.

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My parents put me down in front of the TV during Trek's syndication run in the late 70s, hoping that the colors and interesting visuals would keep me occupied while they were trying to make dinner. I was a wee tyke.

I never stopped watching after that.


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The first time I saw Star Trek was the premier of TNG in '87.  I watched it with my parents (I was seven) and I've been hooked ever since.


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The first time I saw Star Trek was last year, during spring break. My friend had seen Star Trek 2009, and she told me I had to see it. I went along with it, not expecting too much. I was very wrong. I enjoyed the movie, and then I decided to watch TOS. I was hooked. I've only been a fan for a little bit over a year, but I love Trek. I've seen TNG and Enterpise, and I hope I'll be able to start watching DS9 and Voyager soon.

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It was when I tumbled through a time-portal and found myself on the Enterprise.

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Jim Kirk

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I was 5 in 1967 so I dont remember watching them on TV.  My folks said when they tried to watch the show (They hated it) I just stared at the TV.

Fast Forawrd to the 70s Channel 11 ran the reruns constantly and one day I watched an episode and I was hooked.

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I started watching it in the early 70's,  It came on after school right after Electric Company. I never stopped watching it.

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What a great thread Gostmojo!

I was interested in space and science fiction since I was a little kid.  In high school I started watching TOS from the second episode on and never missed an episode. Watched every night when it went into syndication and saw it in color for the first time.  Attended the second and third original conventions in NYC as a college student - an incredible experience!   

Saw all the movies as soon as they came out, TMP came out the first year I started working at NASA.  Watched TNG because it was the only trek we had then.  Loved DS9, liked VOY a lot.  Went up and down on ENT, but ended up liking it.  Novels keep me going between the movies and the shows.


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Quote: padracin @ Jul. 23 2011, 8:05 am


>What a great thread Gostmojo!


Why thankyou padracin (I'll forgive your dropping of the H)

With 484,591 members on this forum - I am hoping for at least a few more responses!

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My advice to posters who are having a problem I have encountered myself is to hit the submit + button only once.

You may think it hasn't registered - but it has!

Sometimes you get booted out to a Board Error (PAGE NOT FOUND) page and you have to find your way back to the boards - but you will find that your message has actually registered.

The best thing to do then is to delete the half-dozen copies that have appeared because you probably thought it hadn't taken (and thereby kept sending it) whereas it had ...

BTW - how pleasing to find I am not the only person in this (or indeed any other) universe who remembers not only Supercar ... but also Space Patrol !!!

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I first started watching Star Trek: TNG in 1993 during the last season. The earlier seasons were already in reruns. I was 12 years old and loved Issac Asimov's robot stories at the time and then, one night when my sisters were watching something I had no interest in, I went upstairs to my parents' room and started channel surfing.

Unfortunately, I can't remember what episode I saw first! It must have been a Data episode because I remember thinking "Hey! The Asimov robots have positronic brains, too! What...what IS this?"

 (Note: I realize Data is an android and in the series he corrects those who call him a robot. "Android" was a new word for me and I remember looking it up in the dictionary at school the day after I heard it on the show. I learned a lot of new words on Star Trek that I loved looking up later for their real world applications. Sometimes, it got me ahead in science class!)

I started watching the reruns every night and caught up with the series pretty rapidly. The characters were just so good and that's what I loved (and love) about it. Imagine my chagrin when I realized TNG was in its last season!

Six of Nine

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It was an episode of Enterprise where Trip plays cat and mouse with an alien. It was in its last seasons and last episodes and I began to watch all Star Trek after that.

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I remember my first exposure to Trek very fondly.

Star Trek III

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