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Brent Spiner in the next Star Trek movie


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As much as I like Brent Spiner and Data, no. Leonard Nimoy in the last movie was perfect, passing the torch and all. Now the new universe and new actors can progress and stand on their own. Bringing in other Star Trek characters, I believe, is unnecessary.

"Captain, life is not a dream." - Spock "Can you please continue the petty bickering? I find it quite intriguing." - Data


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I really do not see it happening, myself.

Perhaps if he was playing a member of the Soong family... but not Data. Brent Spiner has already made it quite clear that he has no intention of ever portraying Data again because, in his opinion, he is too old to faithfully depict his character. Knowing Brent, he means it, and nothing is going to change his mind about that.


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If the "many worlds" interpretation of time travel is currently in effect, as Orci says it is now, then any TNG character, including Data (who, from what we know is still dead post-NEM), can't enter the new timeline, universe.  At least, not the versions of the TNG characters we know. 

Now, that being said, we've seen multiple interpretations of the effects of time travel in the franchise.  There are plot holes in most of those stories that are huge.  So, if they really really wanted to, sure they could do some hand-waving and have Picard or whoever show up.  That would violate the rules they already imposed though. 

Of course, I believe Data's head is still underneath San Francisco somewhere, so there might be a way to bring him back.  Spock Prime might or might not know about that.

Honestly, though, I don't see a need to bring in any of those TNG characters (or any of the old characters either).  They don't really have emotional connections to the TOS characters, with the possible exception of Picard, so I don't think there's much, if any, drama can be mined there.  The torch passing has already happened using Nimoy's Spock-Prime, so, again, there's no need there for the TNG characters.  Plus, again, by Orci's rules, they can't get into the new timeline. 

All that being said, as I've said before, if they really wanted to they could definitely use Spock-Prime for the plot of the sequel.  He knows the future, which is something the Federations enemies, the Klingons and the Romulans, would like to know.  I believe there was even a new ST novel (I think it was solicited but then axed) that had that as a plot.  I'd love to see Nimoy again, but from their comments, I doubt he will be in the sequel.



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I doubt so as well, and honestly, I hope that they leave the Leonard Nimoy alone and allow him to enjoy his retirement in peace. He has been acting and involved in Star Trek for many years... I say let him have some time to himself for a change!

Love this video...


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No reason he could not be.

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