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Brent Spiner in the next Star Trek movie


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I've heard there was a consideration going on here...... your thoughts?

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There's a lot of rumours about different Trek actors being written into the 12th movie. I don't know that I'd believe any of them until there's an official announcement made. As for an opinion on Brent being in it...I can't say I really care much either way. If they do, it would be sort of difficult to write Data into that timeline, I think. I DO hope they wouldn't write a completely different character for him, though- just doesn't seem right. Everyone in the Trek fandom already knows him as Data/Lore/Soong. It would be stretching (in a bad way) to write a new character for him.

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I could do with out him being in the movie in any way...don' think he's that great of an actor....unless he's doing one of his bad character stereo types like that "Night Court" gig.


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Nimoy passing the torch in 2009's STAR TREK was necessary.

I don't want to see anymore STAR TREK actors in the reboot series.

That would include Brent Spiner.


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Meh, I don't really care if they are or aren't. As long as the story is good and it's not some craptacular cameopalooza of past ST actors thrown in just for s***s and giggles.

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I don't see how it could work or if there is really much of a demand for it.  Any TNG era cast members showing up would involve time travel and I'm not sure the new franchise wants to dedicate themselves to time travel stories only. We've already had several Trek movies about it and a great deal of episodes dealing with it.

On the other hand, we still having a living TNG-era, prime Spock in the ST09 universe.  Having somebody head back in time to fetch him, even in an after-credit easter egg, would get my vote. However, this would still rule out Spiner.

Hmmm....perhaps a badly damaged android head could be found in some of the debris left over from the destruction of Nero's ship?  Could Nero have salvaged it floating through space? Probably not.


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as long as he wasn't playing Data it would be fine to continue in the already well established star trek tradition of re using actors in different roles.

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Since there's maybe Khan again a Noonien Sing would do the trick for Brent Spiner, which is also the creator of Data & his brothers. It's also not confirmed that William Shattner will be a in Star Trek 2.


Ether way if Spiner is into the new movie J.J. Abrams would rather find something completly different for the actor. Else the older Spock could once again appear, likewise he's still in the time of Kirk.


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They need a fresh start

No more previously seen Star Trek actors.


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I have been a little out of touch with the Trek world these days.  I haven't heard the slightest inclination of a new movie in the works.  I wish they would do one soon.  There are so many possibilities with the new Timeline.  As far as injecting Data into the storyline....  Well, the new timeline would allow that.  Now remember Soong started working on AI back in the Enterprise NX-01 days.  It is quit possible he could introduce a version of Data by the time Kirk and the gang are roaming the cosmos.  Like Spock said...  "There are always possibilities"


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With the new time line established in the 2009 Trek, there are unlimited story line possibilities. Noonian Soong in the new movies...maybe. It would be great to see Brent playing Data's creator. I'm not up to speed with my Trek facts anymore but would Soong have been around back in the NCC-1701 days? Hey I'm always up for Brent...I do love me some Brent sometimes.

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I think the Trek timeline should not reflect any enemy we saw in TOS. Once that timeline was fractured (broken to pieces really) you logically have to see new enemies and new characters or the writing will no longer be credible. I believe that was one of the dangers and prices to playing with the timeline. I wasn't pleased with the last Trek film at all.  I will see the next one, though if they try to redo Khan, Mudd, or any of the enemies we saw in TOS....I will be very disappointed and annoyed at the lack of imaginitive and intelligent writers. After all, how many things can be "re-imagined or re-branded, or re-" whatever the new term is being used? A poorly thought out film is still bad no matter how you dress it up; with cameos and special effects.


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For the various age / stages of the family Doctors Sing (Arik and Noonien thus far) sure why not an intermediate Doctor Hugo Sing or Doctor Friedrich Sing who like Spiner is in his 60's.

As anything younger or anything android, I agree with Spiner that he is too old to play those parts and do them justice anymore.



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If they were to come out with another TNG type movie, I think he should be in the movie.  I know he is getting older, but have you seen the new Tron movie?  I think CG has gotten to the point where they could make the unaging android work.  I honestly got near the end of the movie before I realized the bad guy in Tron was CG. (I just though make up did a good job at first.)

And I know that Data is dead, but he downloaded his memory into B4...

Besides, if he were going to be in the next movie, he would obviously be a Soong like he was in Enterprise.

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