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Why does everyone walk?


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I imagine there are very good reasons why the trasnporter is not used when showing scenes on Earth. First, areas like StarFleet Headquarters can better monitor who is arriving if shuttles are used and the transporters are only used for specific situations (ST:TMP when transporting crew replacements to the refitted Enterprise). Secondly, shuttles can transport more individuals at one time to a very specific location (whereas. yes...a transporter would be faster, though do you really want that many beams going on at once?). Third, I imagine that specific national and state parks Eiffel Tower, Yosemite) would lessen the use of transporting directly to them (to lessen the dangers of beaming in a weapon, and also lessen the chance of transporter noise). Finally, the special effects budget is easier to reuse a shuttle shot, than to make transporter visuals for every new actor/actress.


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If I lived in the 24th century, I wouldn't walk anywhere.

I'd either use the transporter, my hover-car, or if I wanted to impress the ladies by acting rebellious, my hover-Harley Davidson. 

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I think that the corridors are small enough that in some places, if they were to run it could cause problems, but other than that why not just run? I mean, it's kind of stupid, isn't it? Site to site transport might work as well. But wouldn't doing that cause some sort of cell degredation? Transporting all the time would have effects wouldn't it? What happened to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle? Just wondering?

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