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If any, what book or short story would you have wanted to see filmed?  It doesn't matter what format, either movie or tv episode.  Just which you would have lovede to seen acted out.


My perswonal choice is the short story Creative Coupling from the Star Trek: SCU book of the same name.  I mean I would love to see everyone's faces as they plan and execute the first Klingon/Jewish wedding.

Mazel Tof qu'Pla  (or something to that effect.  lol) 


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The Big Game(Laertian Gamble-think it's the same book, different title)

And the most recent-Zero Sum Game


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Probably "Q Connections" I would like to see make it to the screen...


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The Baroness series by Pual Kenyon.

She's like a female James Bond. He wrote eight books in the series.

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Uhura's Song cuz the giant cats and the enterprise crew "roughing it" would be cool to see. Although I don't think a movie version could ever live up to my imagination, so I'm gonna say Sarek or Spock's World.


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I had thought both parts of Avatar might make a good double-episode or movie.

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Would LOVE to see the Destiny series on film....the best series of Trek books I have read.

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I agree Destiny would be great. But since you took my #1 choice (LOL) here's some others: 

Star Trek Federation (I read that one twice)

Dreadnought and Battelstations would also be nice.

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