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What was the first ST Movie you seen in the theaters

Jim Kirk

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The Motion Picture. 

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The Motion Picture. I was seven years-old.

One of the dads on our block took all of the kids to go see it.

But at the time, I didn't really care about Star Trek. So the next one I saw at the theater was Star Trek IV.

(I became a Trek fan shortly after the release of Star Trek III.)

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Undiscovered Country


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There was some discussion of doing the wave when Kirk was killed off.


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Generations. Though I have been a fan since the summer of 86 none of my friends liked or like Star Trek. So I dragged my mom with me. Lucky for me I married someone who likes Star Trek and am training our daughter right

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Star treck The motion picture upon its release. I enjoyed it. Time has not been so kind to this film. Back in the 70's it was not so bad.


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Since I'm so young Star Trek 2009 was the first Star Trek movie I saw at the theater.


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TMP @ theatre

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The Motion Picture. I was still in high school. Ahh, those were the days.


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I haven't seen none of the movies in a theatre but the 1st movie that I watched online was Star Trek:Generations


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The Motion Picture


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Wow, it sounds wierd to say but mine was Nemesis.

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