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What was the first ST Movie you seen in the theaters


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Unfortunately, I've never seen a Star Trek movie in theaters. Hopefully that'll change when the next movie comes out.

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Star Trek The Motion Picture, First day of release. I skipped school and stood in line in the rain on a cold December morning in New England.



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TMP (I'm that old), I still hate it, but thank the gods for Khan.


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Star Trek The Motion Picture...and I also remember when the first episode of TOS first aired (did I just date myself?)


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I thought TMP was awesome...but that's just me. In fact, it's in my top 3 for the entire film franchise.


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The (slow) motion picture.. December 15th, 1979 Coddingtown cinema (whch is now a Joannes fabrics...

My mothers boyfriend at the time has a son about my age..  We are both Star Trek fans, he took us to see it - hoping to win browine points with both of us.   Within 10 minutes of the film, we were cracking jokes out loud in the theater.   yes, we love Trek, but damn it was rediculious.    Moms BF was mad we were cracking jokes and blabbing away .. though we were not alone in this activity.   He thought we hated it and vowed never to take us to a movie again.   I loved it for that expereince.. plus, its the only Trek film to fill out the big screen.


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Quote: TRSTN1 @ Jul. 14 2011, 2:05 pm


>The first one I seen was  The Final Frontier



I done seen that one too! Seen it with my own eyes!!!!



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To be honest, the first one i ever saw in thatre was the newer JJ Abrams one. Ive always loved Star Trek but im just a kid so yea that was the first one i saw on the big screen.


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Quote: Caesar753 @ Jul. 16 2011, 6:55 pm


>The first movie I saw in the theater was Generations.  The first trek movie I ever saw was TWOK on VHS; remember those things? 


Yup. I still own a video player!

First one I saw in the cinema was Insurrection.

First that I saw on VHS was First Contact. And later they showed it on the telly and I taped it.

Also if I'm not mistaken it might also be the first Star Trek DVD I ever bought.

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My first was Star Trek: The Motion Picture, but I've seen all of them in theatres. 


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I am actually a recently-created Trekkie, but it doesn't decrease my fangirlness in the least. Unfortunately though, that makes me too young to have seen any in theaters. -.- However, I do watch them at home On Demand. IV was my first, and will always be my favorite. XD 



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Though I was a fan of Star Trek a few years before the 2009 movie, that was the first ST movie I saw in the cinemas.
I have never watched a ST tv show while it was airing. Boo-hoo.


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I saw the Motion Picture when I was a kid....I remember being blown away by it



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The first movie I saw in the theaters was 'Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan'. It was a most excellent experience and movie. I'll not ever forget this family outing.

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