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What was the first ST Movie you seen in the theaters


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The first one I seen was  The Final Frontier


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The first movie I saw was Star Trek: Generations. It was a big event in my life as we took time out of our routine to make it a dinner-and-a-movie kind of night. I was 10, so I had just woken up to Star Trek. I thought it was pretty good at the time. Oh, how I was 10.


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TMP on opening night. 


Left all sad and empty, thinking trek was over after that.

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The first movie I've seen after I had watched the ep's either way of TOS was ST 1. I was realy young.


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I remeber being in Star Trek 3 a bit, but I was young at the time. I do remember 4 all the way through though.

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Quote: wissa @ Jul. 15 2011, 9:59 am


>TMP on opening night. 

> Left all sad and empty, thinking trek was over after that.


I can relate to that, I forced myself to go back to the theatre a second time to see if I missed something and I was still disappointed. Then I realized much of my disappointment was due to the fact that I was awaiting an action packed show with the (new) Klingons, A war triangle or something with Vger, Klingons and Enterprise, Over two hours I waited for the Klingons to do something after the initial action scenes.

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That would be the most recent one since I have been a fan since 05'.


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I saw Star Trek The Motion Picture when it first came out back in 1979. I was a young scout with several other scouts. The scout leaders young son swore when Spock's jetpack shot him into V'Ger.  The film was good after a long absence of Star Trek original film material.


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The Motion Picture during its initial release. saw it a couple times at the local theater but the most memorable viewing was at the drive-in. I loved it, still one of my favorites


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The ducks fly at Midnight.


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The first Star Trek movie I saw was: Star Trek-The Motion Picture! ^+^


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Star Trek II- The Wrath of Khan

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The first movie that I saw was Star Trek: First Contact. I was more interested with the series, but when I had seen all of them and VOyager was drawing to a close, I started with the first movie that came out: Star Trek First Contact. It is my favorite movie.

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My first movie house outing with Trek was TMP I was 10 and already a long standing fan of TOS. I know it wasn't great but for the time and my age it cemented my love for this franchise.


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The first movie I saw in the theater was Generations.  The first trek movie I ever saw was TWOK on VHS; remember those things? 

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