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"New and improved" SFX in TOS episodes????


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Report this Jul. 14 2011, 9:44 am

I was excited to see that Netflix (home of the 60% sub increase) was streaming TOS episodes and I watched one with my daughter, who ridiculed it at first but insisted on watching the entire episode (Where No Man Has Gone Before) -- I was pretty much shocked and upset when I realized that some... person... had taken it upon themselves to REMOVE the original SFX of the Enterprise in orbit and splice in some cheesey, generic CGI effect. What. The. Heck?

How did anyone feel this was an improvement?!?!?!?!?


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When the show was being remastered, most of it looked very good.  But the model shots of ships and planets were in terrible condition, and little could be done to salvage them.

There was an obvious difference in quality between the live action shots and model shots.  The live action was crisp and clear, while the model shots were dark and grainy.

The decision was made to redo those scenes with CGI.

Every DVD release in the U.S. featuring the remastered footage has given viewers the option to choose between the original episodes, as aired, or the updated ones.

Therefore, bitching about the CGI is moot.


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That's why its best saving up and splashing out on the blu-ray versions. Here you have your choice. You can watch either version of each and every episode (original or remastered effects).

Personally, I have very mixed opinions about this aspect of the shows' remastering.

There are moments when it works very well. Quick little scenes inserted that amplify the situation or setting. Good examples of this are the arrival of Spock & Co on Vulcan in Amok Time and the walk across the bridge; or expanded views of the M-113 archaeological remains in The Man Trap; or the briefest view of the station on Psi 2000 in The Naked Time. Such inserts are a very pleasant surprise and help dispell the notion of the set just being a soundstage with a fuzzy orange sky backdrop. There are plenty of other examples - generally involving architectural backdrops. They work well.

There are also some good scenes of spaceships (Federation, Romulan and Klingon etc.) perhaps most spectacularly when meeting Balok's First Federation starship the Fesarius in The Corbomite Manoeuvre. There are also some very good internal scenes of the shuttlecraft hangar. And of course the remodelling of planets as they go into orbit is very effective.

But there are also scenes of the Enterprise where it really looks like a CGI model and in that respect is no better than the original effects (which were excellent for the time). Some of these shots are great of course - but some give the impression of a complete lack of scale - NCC-1701 should look enormous and yet quite often it doesn't. It is often hard to attach any scale to it at all. It doesn't look real - perhaps because it is a little too perfect.

The original shots of the ship were often a little fuzzy - but this helps with the scale factor. In reality, when looking at something large from a great distance it would appear a little out of focus to the human eye. Detail wouldn't be that sharp. The CGI fails in this respect. There has also been a tendency to make the Enterprise a little too grey in colour for my tastes - originally it always looked more off white.

But in general the new shots are superb when used subtley, and you can always choose to watch with or without them. Are they better than the originals? Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder ...


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I thought it really added to the show and made it feel fresh. Remember it could have been worse, they could have added CGI Jabba and had Kirk step on his tail in an awkward way.

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You're a little late to the party. Those remastered versions have been around for almost 5 years.

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What's there not to like???


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I would imagine some people might think it's tampering with a 'work of art'.... but in this age of computer technology and digital arts, we've remastered the Beatles' classics, and old movie classics (like 'Gone with the Wind'....)

Personally, I think what killed the original series was reusing special effects ecenes and some action scenes over and over again. People got tired of seeing Scotty grasp the wall in engineering as the ship lunged from a phasor blast, or when escaping 'the giant amoeba on 'The Immunity Syndrome'. How many different episodes used the clip of McCoy fainting in Sick Bay as Nurse Chapel is flung across the room, drops a tray, and falls flat on her back?

Also, the 'art' of TOS was done week to week on a tight time schedule, the added effects add a dimension to the story... and I think it's a tribute to the relevance of the show they reworked them. (I believe they've also re-editted some TNG episodes too...)

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I don't know if the netflix versions are the same as the remastered DVDs I have, but those dvds increased my enjoyment. The colors are more vivid and the space scenes are awesome! The planet killer episode even added much needed space scenes.


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 I liked the new look  the phaser fire looks more realistic I don’t see any wire holding the ship the planets look a lot better for me it gave me a new feel for the old shows instead just having it on and doing something else (ei computer) I watched the shows as if they were new.


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There is nothing generic about the updated fx. I think they did a wonderful job with them. I don't think any one person couyld just take it upon themself to make those changes either.

You should pick up the new blu-ray editions of TOS. It contains both versions.

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This makes me almost want to see a remastered TOS


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I liked on the redone episode "Who Mourns for Adonais?" the ship's phasors hitting the force field around the temple bounced a little off... made the effect look like lasar light hitting glass.

This rerecording of the show reminds me like the Beatles early stuff being repckaged in stereo, rather than the original mono.... shouldn't be any more contraversial than that.

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