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which theme song do you think is the best

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Created by: nicob17


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Star trek has many themes which do you all like best?


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DS9 kicks ass.


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I hope the next series does withOUT the garish theme music ...

and just puts the main titles over the openning scenes, silently.


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I voted for Voyager, though it was a difficult decision, I love the TNG theme so much, and strangely the ridiculous Enterprise theme has grown on me. ivfsndosudb I like them all, except DS9 but that’s because I can’t remember what it sounds like since I have’t seen it in over ten years.

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I love TOS theme. But TNG is in second, and Enterprise's theme is growing on me. Haven't heard Voyager or DS9, so I'm going to have to watch/listen to those.

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Voyager, but DS9's theme comes in at a close second. I just feel that Voyager's theme is a beautiful melody that perfectly fits the theme of the show, and the opening titles.

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I would actually go for the First Contact theme, but strictly among TV series, either DS9 or Voyager theme is the best.

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Voyager is my favorite of the TV themes. Although the others do make me smile too since it's all Trek. I'm not the biggest fan of the Enterprise song though, would have preferred original just music theme.

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Am I the only Earther that likes the ENT theme?

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TNG wins by a long shot.

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