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Younger Gay Fans?


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kirkishkahn, I think your black talk is funny! I also like that in your earlier post you identified yourself as a 6-and-a-half-year-old gay Trekkie with a boyfriend! You crack me up, man. If there's one thing I love, it's racist, homophobic sarcasm coming from someone who isn't funny.

I also want you to know that I share your sentiment about this being an utterly "ridiculous thread," but only because of morons like you.

Though I must acquiesce to finding the pseudo-intellectual, bigoted nonsense you were spouting at the end of your last post highly amusing. My friends and I have had some good laughs at your posts. We are hoping you'll identify as another minority, or better yet elaborate on the anti-hereto manifesto propagated by those evil gay Trekkies! 

We salute you, you fine moral crusader!


Ensign Moran

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I love how he doesn't respond to this.

We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.


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There is nothing wrong with a thread about this - but surely it belongs in a more general location? Gay, straight or whatever Trek Fans would not just be concerned with TNG, but with all of Trekdom.

Perhaps there should be a zone just for socialising?

I can see the reasons for and against having private messaging - but in this case that would possibly help.

It is hugely ironic that Sexual Orientation still seems to be the Final Frontier amongst some Trek fans. The degree of conservatism and actual reactionary views amongst such a fan base continues to startle and amaze me.

To be a serious and thoughtful fan of Roddenberry's (and others) vision requires you to have an open, progressive and tolerant mind. That is what the human adventure of Star Trek is all about.

I am 100% straight, a parent and a family person, however, I judge people on what they say and do rather than how their genes and hormones make them choose their partners. However, it is worth pointing out that in reality there is no need to feel the need to 'come out' here or otherwise because we should treat each other with respect and understanding without even needing to know anybody's orientation.

Of course we are all protected by the clear anonymity this forum offers.



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Quote: Commander Liu @ Aug. 18 2011, 7:35 am


>THe only resason I brought up the religous thing is because it is the equivalent of bringing up homosexuality. Since bringing up homosexuality is wrong and should be deleted, me brgining up religion also should be deleted, which I did. And on a previous account (which I lost the password to) I did critize a few other posts for having irrelavent things in the wrong catagory. No matter what happens I will always stick to my beliefs however.


Why the hell is homosexuality "wrong"? If two people love each other, why the hell shouldn't they be together? It doesn't matter what the sex of two people are, if they love each other they should have as much right to be together as anyone else. 


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