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whats your favorite episode,and why,


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Report this Oct. 14 2011, 3:40 pm

"Time Squared" just because I love those types of episodes.

"The Best of Both Worlds" 1 & 2 

"Yesterday's Enterprise" Love this episode

"Sins of the Father", "Reunion" "Redemption" 1 & 2 "Birthright" 1 & 2 I love Klingons!

"Unification" 1 & 2 Romulans and Spock, need I say more


"Rascals" sooooo funny!

"Cause and Effect" the book based after this episode is amazing as well.

"Reed Alert, that's not bad"...Malcolm Reed


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Darmok.  this was a great episode. it was well written, and very clever.  Even though TNG isn't that old, you would never see an episode like that today. 


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Unification Parts I and II. I love Spock and Data's interraction 


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So difficult to choose, but for me it is Inner Light.  The whole concept of living nearly an entire lifetime in only a few minutes ("twenty, twenty-five minutes," Riker) is captivating.  The performances were great - especially Margot Rose as Eline, Richard Riehle as Batai, and of course Patrick Stewart as Kamin/Picard - not to mention a performance by Daniel Stewart, Patrick's real-life son.  The score was superb and, in the final scene, haunting, as Picard still tries to come to grips with the fact that the entire lifetime he lived was nothing more than a probe-induced dream.


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I love them all. But if i were to choose would be a toss up between "The Naked Now", "The Offspring", and "A Fist Full of Datas".  I have not finished the series yet so i will probably come back to change this statement but all in episode with Data as the focal point is my #1 choice  


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My fav has to be when Q wants to become part of the crew and they laugh that him and the fact then Q caught on and took them to sector J2-5 were they encountered the Borg they were so distrot all they could do is watch until picard came down from his pedestal and begged Q for help

Its the ghastly mr. Data i could now stub my toe with the best of them


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My favorite episode is "Yesterday's Enterprise."

There were reasons why David Carson was chosen to direct the first film featuring the characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Generations (1994), (outside of cost and schedule) and the rich style, cinematic atmosphere, and dramatic thrills of season three episode "Yesterday's Enterprise" is surely one of those reasons. Every line, every shot, every frame entertains as much as it is substance-filled in this episode - it is Trek features like this (counting TV episodes and feature films) that make us fall in love with Star Trek.

"Yesterday's Enterprise" holds all that makes for great Star Trek viewing: a great story, characters at the center, excellent performances, bold style, and thoughtful themes. David Carson's wonderful framing and deep coloring mingles with Denise Crosby's terrific guest- starring performance in a very moving storyline for her character (if she was this good in the first season, I might have been sorry to see her character go) and a slightly off-character crew living in a dangerous world. The performances are top-notch, the tension is in high gear and wonderfully crafted, and the action is some of the finest in the series' run - but none of these fine elements overshadows the excellent themes that address the importance of history on the present. If any whining kid (or adult for that matter) asks why he or she needs to learn history, a quick viewing of "Yesterday's Enterprise" should answer their ignorant question. The events of the past dictate the events of the future and this fine episode clearly illustrates that.

"Yesterday's Enterprise" is, hands down, my favorite episode of the Star Trek: The Next Generation series - and my favorite of any of the other 5 Trek series episodes, for that matter.


Honorable mentions to: "Q Who," "The Best Of Both Worlds," and "All Good Things..."

So, five-card stud, nothing wild. And the sky's the limit....


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But I was angry at the TNG crew for dissing Scotty.

He should have been given the "Captain's Yacht" not a shuttle craft


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Relics! I love that they have a whole episode devoted to a TOS character!


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Darmok.  this was a great episode. it was well written, and very clever.  Even though TNG isn't that old, you would never see an episode like that today. 


Yes, I have many favorites but Darmok is always the first that comes to mind when this question is asked. Such a grand episode.

And then there is this:

Jolan Tru, may your day be filled with peace.


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"Disaster". It was interesting to see various characters forced to assume rolls outside of their expertise. Picard trapped in the turbo lift with three kids.  Deanna Troi taking control of the bridge and probably the greatest Star Trek moment was watching Worf deliver Keiko's baby.

"You have dialated to 10cm, you may deliver the baby now".

Holmes and Watson


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"Tapestry" rocked.

"Smoke me a kipper. I'll be back for breakfast."

the bungalo bill

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Cause and Effect. I cracked up the first time I saw it. (Although it could have been 21 times better if Crusher wasn't the main character.)


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"Lower Decks" created an interesting contrast between the perspectives of the junior and senior officers. The tension of the crew as they waited for the return of the Bojoran officer took an unexpected turn for me as well.

"All Good Things" created interesting shifts through time for Picard and the way that those shifts were used to contain the "anti-time" anomoly that threatend human existance. I also like the upgraded military might of Admiral Riker's Enterprise and was happy to see that the Federation finally allowed cloaking technology. It was really interesting in light of "Pegusus" that Riker would captain a ship with cloaking technology.


Holmes and Watson


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Transfigurations is my favorite, but it is close to The Loss, The Arsenal of Freedom, Skin of Evil, Justice, Attached, High Ground, Evolution, and many others that I don't want to name right now.


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