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whats your favorite episode,and why,


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i really think nothing beats encounter at farpoint, but i would like to know everyone elses opinion


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My favorite episode was The Offspring.  When I watched it (especially now as a parent) it really moved me.  I had my wife watch it and tears were rolling down her cheeks by the end.  I would say any episode that can have that profound an effect is worthy of consideration.  On a side note I recently read that Patrick Steward and Jonathan Frakes also considered The Offspring among their favorites.


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well it was also directed by Frakes

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It may not be the most popular but the episode I like the most in TNG is Relics, mainly becuase I liked seeing Scotty, but it was a great episode for realizing that you can still be useful even if you don't think you are. Although it is also the episode that I've wanted to punch La Forge the most. Don't you be mean to Scotty, Geordi! 

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All Good Things... the series final...

The lesson Q gave Picard about time not being Linier...



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Quote: gram9291 @ Jul. 10 2011, 7:01 pm


>i really think nothing beats encounter at farpoint, but i would like to know everyone elses opinion



I think the other end of the series, it includes the Farpoint mission in it




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Redemption 1/2


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Just one? 

I love the Offspring, too, Hoya. Definitely one of my favorites.

Also, Exciteraw, All Good Things... is a great episode. Nice, satisfying send-off.

I had to pick Sarek. Sarek's illness rings so true in that episode; as do the reactions of those close him. I found it sad and touching.


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and some others but that’s always the first one I think of when someone asks me what one of the best TNG episodes is.

And The Big Goodbye, along with all Dixon Hill episodes.

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The reasons are:

Picard speaks French!

We get to see ENTERPRISE in Spacedock.

The ENTERPRISE is left vulnerable to
being hijacked in a contrived, yet much
more convincing way than in STAR TREK V.

The Bynars are in the fine tradition of how
Roddenberry often cast and overdubbed
aliens to make them even more unusual.
It worked and I appreciated the effort.

The actress who played Minuet gives a fine
performance. She was very charming. However,
Minuet's hold over Riker played as false, to me.

The episode was very unusual, in many ways.
And it was good STAR TREK, too. I liked it alot.


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I like both 11001001, All Good Things and The Offspring a lot. The others mentioned so far are not so much my favourites.

And my own, old time favourite is Remember Me. I just love that type of mindboggling story with the shrinking alternate universe, shaped after the thought Dr. Crusher had at the moment she got trapped in it. And Wesley´s desperate attempts to get her back...

I think it´s the ep I´ve watched most of all!

Mind you, I´ve got a lot of other favourites as well...

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Cause and Effect is my favorite.  I love a good time-loop story.


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Another favorite of mine:

We'll Always Have Paris

Not only do we get to hear about Picard's first love,
we actually get to meet her - and she's quite lovely!
It's noteworthy that Jenice is played by the same actress
that played Shatner's wife in SECRETS of a MARRIED MAN.

The reaction Picard has to rediscovering her is priceless.

I loved their holodeck recreation of their last day together.
It was right out of an old movie, it was very charming.

The actor playing Dr. Paul Manheim was great in this part.

The character of DATA is used to effect in this episode.

The special effects in this one are highly stylized. Probably
not on purpose, but rather because of budget. But look great!


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"i really think nothing beats encounter at farpoint, but i would like to know everyone elses opinion."

Yes, humanity is on trial, and what a great way to be introduced to Q, first impressions are everything i suppsose. 



"Just one? "    



Well im just watching them over,  yet to choose one, when all of them seem to coalesce to Fairpoint.  Coming of age with all the teamwork, and running away solves nothing. Learning from our mistakes, and failing the ones that mean the most. Our mentors, who remind us of our family. How our family instill  many values in our lives, and then we go out and find the same values in strangers. Competing with yourself, to improve our wit about us.

The mesure of man  that reflects humanity, and what it stands for. What a great feeling, to have two of your closest allies defend and prosucute us. When in the end, its all about making a choice (coming of age) and living with the choices we make. Is there a right or wrong way? If the ones we love cant help us make those decisions, and show us the way, can a stranger?    

Can we make a right or wrong choice?


Great thoughts from every one here, thanks for sharing!     


The Off Spring starts of very touching. Teaching our children!


Justice, since when was justice subject to one word?

The Neutral Zone people four out ime!!! 

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Attached, because I love the idea of Picard and Crusher being together (:
Cause and Effect is a close second, it's just a great episode! 

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