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Which captain do you dislike the most?

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Created by: the bungalo bill


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I like all the captains, but would probably put Archer last on my list.


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Archer,but all captains can be good at times and bad as well.


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I wouldn't say I dislike Janeway, but she's my least favorite.

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only disliked one of the captains, and the guilty worthless party is... "Flemeth the Witch of the Wilds"

the bungalo bill

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Quote: greendaynumba1fan @ Jul. 10 2011, 10:46 am


>I can't stand Janeway. I love Sisko the most!


 Good Judgement.


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Which Captain do I dislike the most!?! Hard to say, every Captain had his or her good and bad points, depending on time-line of that particular series! For now, I will remain - neutral on this subject...! ^+^


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Janeway, by far.

Got her crew stuck on the other side of the galaxy, for absolutely no good reason.

Picard, Sisko and Kirk are Starfleet legends.


I don't acknowledge the existence of "Archer"


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I didn't really dislike any of them, but my least favourite was Sisko.  I'm not sure why...all I can say is he lacked a quality that are present in every other captain.  Maybe its just me...



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Well, I haven't seen Voyager or DS9 yet, so my opinion may change. I think I'd choose Archer. I don't dislike him, but I don't think he's the best. He's the last on my list.

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Put Janeway down for me.  I didn't hate her, but, honestly, it was hot and cold for me.  I think Kate Mulgrew is a fine actress and that she was perfectly cast as Janeway.  I just found the character to be very inconsistent wrt her behaviour and views sometimes.  For every episode where I admired her, there would be another one where I found her irritating. 

I'm rewatching DS9 now with my wife and am liking Sisko more.  Kirk and Picard are my favorites though.  I'll say this, I do think that Sisko was a better captain than Picard, I just don't care for the character as much.

I have no opinion on Archer.  I didn't see enough of ENT to judge him.




captain roe

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Archer was just deplorable.  He always seemed indecisive or hesitant especially when he had to make difficult decisions.  Plus, he  was so unbelievable as a captain. 


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Sisko was an android - even Data had more emotion

dark trekkie

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sisko was such a bad actor.... lacking in depth, janeway wasnt much better


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Wow, only two people voted for Picard? He was the worst. In my opinion. His acting was terrible.

Kirk will always be my favorite.

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I say Sisko was the worst.  Brooks's acting sucked.  He seemed like he was trying to combine Shatner & Stewart.  Sisko blamed Picard for Wolf 359, outsourced his dirty work, and then got indignant toward those who did it for him, either making inappropriate comments about uninvolved civilians or assaulting the one who did his job for him.  He acted like he was the only one who lost anyone during the war, and abandoned his post for months after Jadzia died, eventually going off on some personal field trip, misappropriating military hardware in the process.  He didn't bother to keep Microbrain from repeatedly abondoning his post as Microbrain kept leaving to go off with other ridgeheads, and conveniently showed up whenever the TNG crew had another movie. 


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