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Why was it so easy to catch up with the Borg cube...


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Report this Jul. 04 2011, 10:18 am

I was wondering, how did the Enterprise catch the Borg cube after the battle of Wolf 359, they were 8-12 hours behind after they had to repair their warp drive. Suddenly the Borg cube drops out of warp and is encountered by Enterprise... did the Borg take the scenic route to Earth or why was it so easy for the Enterprise to stop by and pick up Locutus. Maybe the cube was damaged in the battle and was forced to stay still after the fight for repairs...? But it's hard to believe that the Federation fleet could do SO much damage, after the Enterprise couldn't even scratch the surface...?

OR, did the Klingons cause so much damage? Apparently they were there... It was the first encounter between them... on the other hand Borg must've known what to expect from them after assimilating Picard?

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They caught them through the magic of plot device. 

Seriously though I imagine that while even though the ships at Wolf 359 were all destroyed they must have inflicted some sort of damage on the cube so it probably slowed them down. Remember the Borg are adaptive but if you got dozens of ships firing everything they got at you it will slow you down a bit.

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