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Quote: Jim Kirk @ Jul. 06 2011, 1:26 pm


>Kate Mulgrew was in a movie called Remo Williams the adventure bgins.


She also played Mrs. Columbo.  When my mom knew I was going to get Kate Mulgrew's autograph, she told me to ask her about it because Mom liked that show, and so I did.



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the animated series Gargoyles featured many trek actors. Including Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Micheal Dorn, Kate Mulgrew, and Nichelle Nichols

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Quote: vulcan lady @ Jul. 04 2011, 6:22 am

>Stephen Manley, who played 17-year-old Spock going through Pon Farr in "The Search for Spock", also played Mike Stivic's supposed 5-year-old son Danny Sanders n the episode "Mike's Mysterious Son".

>James Cromwell, who we all know as Zephram Cochrane in "First Contact" played Archie Bunker's comical friend Stretch Cunningham.



Both star were also on Little Houseon the Prairie.  Manley was the son of an escape artist in the episode "The Great Gambini"

Cromwell was a friend of almanzo's that his sister Eliza had a crush on(I forgot which episode that was)


Cromwell was also in the TNG episode "the Hunted"  and a DS9 episode where he and Quark had to disable a torpedo that was lodged in the hull of the room they were in

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Here's one(I'm not sure if a lot of us know this or not)

Malcolm McDowell who played Tolian Soran in Generations is ALEXANDER SIDDIG'S uncle  They were even in the movie Doomsday together(although they never shared a scene in the movie)

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Heroes and Fringe are two current shows where you could have recently seen many of the "elder" Star Trek actors appearing.

On Heroes there was Nichelle Nichols, George Takei, and Dominic Keating (from Enterprise).

On Fringe there was, most famously, Leonard Nimoy.




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Kate Mulgrew also guest starred on the first season of Dallas in the episode entitled "Triangle" as the country singer Garnet McGee. She was an old friend of Pam and a girlfriend of Ray who ended up sleeping with JR to try and further her singing career. A way different character than Capt. Janeway. 

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James Doohan was in D-Day


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Quote: wissa @ Jul. 04 2011, 7:12 am


>Scott Bakula's wife auditioned for the role of Janeway. 


Really? Fascinating!

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Despite the bad blood that there seems to be between Babylon 5 and DS9, the two shows are connected in many ways:

- DC Fontana, who wrote episodes for TOS and worked on TNG, wrote a few Bab 5 episodes.

- Michael Ansara, who played Kang ( a Klingon) on TOS, DS9 and appeared in Voyager Flashback, played a mage on Bab 5.

- Walter Koenig, TOS's Pavel Chekov, had a recurring character on Bab 5: the psycop Bester

- Patricia Tallman, who played a telepath on Bab 5 (Lyta Alexander) appeared on TNG, DS9 and VOY

- Andreas Katsulas, Bab 5's G'Kar was te Romulan Commander Tomolok on TNG

- And finally, Adam Nimoy: Leonard Nimoy's son, directed a couple of Bab5 episodes.


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DeForest Kelley, as we know, has a southern backround and is from Georgia.

...But did you know he's also Irish and has a little Cherokee (Native American) blood?


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Quote: /view_profile/ @


>brent spiner had a small roll on night court


Bob Wheeler was hilarious. I met him at a show and jokenly asked if we'd get further adventures of the Wheelers, he thought it would be a hit. LOL

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Here's another little known fact - well actually it is more of an observation - and a very anorakish one at that

Has anybody (besides me (yesterday)) noticed just how many names of key characters in Star Trek (especially, but not exclusively, TOS) have either a hard C, K, X or Q sound in them, and also quite a few CH sounds? They are very common:

Kirk / Spock / McCoy / Scott / Sarek /Kyle / Chapel / Chekov / Hikaru / Decker / Pike / Kelso / Colt / Sybok (and real names Kelley / Takei / Koenig / Nicholls)

And of course from TNG: Picard / Riker / Crusher / Barclay / Katherine Pulaski / Q / Kurn / Lwaxana

From DS9: Sisko / Kira / Dax / Keiko / Quark / Garak / Martok / Dukat

From Voyager: Kathryn / Chakotay / Tuvok / Kim / Neelix / Kes / Seska / Vorik

From Enterprise: Tucker / Phlox / Erika / Silik / Thy'lek (and real names - Bakula/Blalock/Keating/Park)

Not momentous of course - but definitely curious if perhaps not fascinating

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Michael Dorn has a small part in the show Castle.


Also Family Guy did a TNG episode, Stewie transports the actors to his house(all cast, even Denise Crosby).

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OK here are mine a Jag/NCIS/NCIS LA connection(at least with Enterprise characters):

Jolene was on an episode of Jag where she played Corporal Lisa Antoon.

Steven Culp was Special Agent Clayton Webb on Jag throughout the series and appeared on NCIS as Commander William Skinner. He was Major Hayes on Enterprise.

Connor was on NCIS as James Dempsey and NCIS LA as NCIS Agent Boyle.

Vaughn Armstrong was Judge Williams and Lane Black on 2 different episodes of Jag

John Billingsley was Jackson Scott on an episode of NCIS

Anthony Montgomery was Marine Corporal George Linden on an episode of NCIS

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Scotty had his middle finger right hand shot off on D-Day.

If you notice he always keeps his hands behind his back or his fist clenched.


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