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Why doesn't Voyager head for the Gamma Quadrant?


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Why didn't Captain Janeway head for the Gamma Quadrant after being flung into the Delta Quadrant? Surely the distance to the Bajoran Wormhole exit is not much greater than the distance to Earth. And the Gamma Quadrant has no Borg (there is the Dominion, but they aren't as threatening. Plus, Janeway doesn't know about the Dominion War). I realize why the producers chose not to - that way they could use the Borg - but what is the canon explanation?


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Because they're trying to head for Earth, not the wormhole. They don't know what would happen to the wormhole in the meantime (the Federation has variously attempted to mine it, seal it, and Dukat has actually succeeded. Also for quite some time the Prophets do not let ships through. It's not exactly stable real-estate.)

Also, yes the Dominion is as threatening as the Borg. They have succeeded in decimating whole fleets before -- never mind one solitary ship travelling through their space, and not knowing how much of a threat they are. Also, Janeway doesn't know exactly where Borg space begins. All this territory is new to her.

And finally, it makes far more sense to head for home if that is their destination, rather than taking what would be a far off detour in completely the wrong direction, in the vague hope that the (previously mined, closed, and by no means risk-free) wormhole might just maybe... possibly... stay open for them and they won't find a hostile force at both ends.

If your house were five blocks away, would you walk five blocks in the wrong direction because of the vague notion that there might be a car parked there with the keys already in the ignition?

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It's been a while, but didn't Janeway & crew discuss it once?

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Because it is so illogical! It is like going to the sun via Mars!

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The borg are more threatening than the dominion, but the dominion is very threatening too


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based on where they ended up in the delta quadrant, the distance to Earth, and the distance to the wormhole was about the same, so might as well head right for Earth

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