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VOY: How Many Shuttlecrafts???

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Rick Berman mentioned that the models never did the shuttle bay justice, and it was always a point of contention.  From what I understand, it was generally agreed upon that there are two shuttle bays, the second being an auxiliary bay that also doubled as extra storage.  The wall between the two bays could be moved or removed entirely to expand the size of the shuttle bay to accommodate more or larger ships.  This helped to account for the varying sizes of the shuttle bay.

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They did mention a shuttle bay 2.  Though this doesn't show up on the schematic. It is generaly accepted bay 2 was a bay behind the main bay where maintenance was done.  But, even then, the capacity and space required just doesn't work.  I like to think Voyager kept a pocket universe in its shuttle bay.


I really love the Intrepid class.  I built an accurate replica of the studio model and keep it on my desk.  But they really messed up on the shuttle situation.

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