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Would you help picard


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Honest answer: Nope, not in a million years. And any of you who say differently ARE living in a fantasy world.

1. I'd tell Picard to get his head out of his ARSE and go back about 5 days and arrest Soran while he's sleeping on the Armargosa Observatory, then I'd call up Starfleet and make sure all that Trilithium he was working on is empounded. There, I just "saved millions of innocent lives" without having to kill or die. Imagine that.

2. I'd hang out in the Nexus for a long, long time and have some fun. Since you can leave "anywhere, anytime," and time has no meaning, it doesn't really matter. Then, I'd go back to the Enterprise B just before I got sucked out and I'd make sure I get my ARSE in and out of the deflector control room before the Nexus ripped the hull apart.

There...that's what Star Trek Generations should have been. Next question?


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Quote: Jim Kirk @ Jun. 20 2011, 2:21 pm


>How do we know Picard actually left the Nexus.  If I understand it right he is still in the nexus and so is Kirk.  The Nexus didn't bring them back to the real veridian 3 it brought them to the nexus version of Veridian 3.   Like Kirk's house and Picard's party its all fake and they are both still in the Nexus.

> if I am wrong please explain.


Well according to Gainan You can stay or 'leave' the nexus anytime. I assume with a mere thought because it never really showed how they leave.

And for the poster that asked what the nexus is?  Well it's a place you never want to leave once your their. All your dreams can play out there, I guess kinda like a holodeck lol.


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"take us out"...

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