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Federation Space RPG


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Federation Space is a forum-based creative writing role-playing game set 40 years after the events of TNG, DS9, and VOY. This RPG has been active for over 10 years now, and some players have been there for 8+ years, including myself!


We are currently looking for players to fill roles in all departments: Tactical, Security, Engineering, Science and Medical. Players start off by learning how to use the forum boards in Star Fleet Academy, where they also fill out a character bio and choose a department. Upon being assigned to a ship, players progress through the ranks by earning points each month for regular posting and creativity. Once a player reaches Lieutenant Junior Grade, they are eligible to become Game Moderators, Academy Instructors, and Department Heads. These positions offer extra points to assist a player in one day becoming a captain of their very own ship! There are also opportunities to play multiple characters.


If you are interested in joining, please check out our website for more information: If you are ready now, please use this link:


I look forward to posting with you in the future! Please also feel free to email me with any questions you may have. Finally, invite your friends! Players get extra points for getting other people to join the site.


Thank you!

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a 10 year role play....damn.

Someone should give you guys a medal.

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Thank you! But what we'd really like right now is more players! We have about 100 players regularly, but we would love to see some growth.  You can check out our Facebook page ("Federation Space") and Twitter feed ( as well!

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