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Star Wars Prequel Remakes Coming in 2017


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Yes it's true

The Star Wars Prequels are going to remade and it apparently will be a massive improvement over the original prequels, in the same way Batman Begins was a massive improvement over Batman and Robin.

George Lucas's prequels were the most disappointing thing ever but the prequel remakes will be the most redeeming thing ever.

Star Wars episode I remake will be released in 2017- 40 years after the original star wars movie was released.

So what would you like to see in the remakes?

I'm not sure about Anakin Skywalker's fall to the darkside but this is how I would like the Clone Wars to play out



For over a thousand generations, the republic has been a peaceful place with no wars and no real armies. The Jedi Knights have been the guardians of peace and justice of the republic but dark times have begun. A number of political leaders and representatives of the republic have mysteriously left the republic and joined a secret Separatist organization led by the dark lord of the force.

The dark lord has seduced the political leaders using the dark side of the froce and creates a plan to start a war with the republic and eventually wipe out the Jedi and turn the republic into an empire for them to rule. The dark lord and the separatists use secret technology to create armies of big strong cloned monster warriors



Maybe the clones would look something like this





The Dark lord put the armies of clones in battleships and send them off to attack the republic and invade star systems and home worlds. As the clones attack the republic, The dark lord then becomes elected the new president of the republic and has no choice but to force millions and millions of men to become soldiers and fight the clones. The Jedi Knights are forced to lead the soldiers into war with the clones.


During the war, millions of soldiers die and the clones cripple the republic and cause heavy damage, leaving the republic and the economy shattered. Eventually the Jedi defeat the clones and crush the technology that created the clones in hopes of ending the war. The President promises he will capture the separatists and make them reveal who was behind the clone wars and spare their lives. but he secretly has the separatists killed and frames the Jedi for them. With the republic left in pieces, the President accuses the Jedi of being behind the clone wars and be in control of the separatists and declares that the Jedi had the separatists killed so they wouldn't reveal the truth. The republic believes the president and the Jedi become wanted fugitives. The President gives speeches about making ultimate sacrifices for the republic and he transforms the republic into a galactic empire- thus becoming the emperor and turning all soldiers of the republic into storm troopers and sends the storm troopers to hunt down and kill the Jedi Knights. The Emperor then rules the galaxy and as the death star is built, a secret rebellion begins- thus setting up Star wars episode IV: A New Hope.


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Source. Please and thank you.

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Quote: Ali88 @ Jun. 10 2011, 7:14 am


>Yes it's true


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Of course it's a faaaaake.

Many fans may not agree with him, but Lucas spent a lot of time and effort and money into those three films, and younger fans dig them.

Honestly, it's sad that super fans would embrace such an obvious fake news so easily...unless Ali88 is simply trying to be funny and trick a few people here and there. If that's the case, shame shame.

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Is this "General Star Trek Discussions"?


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george why are you destroying your own franchise damn it.

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