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New Trek Game in 2012

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Created by: guillermo.mejía


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The video looks appears to play very well in co-op mode.

I don't know about you, but it seems the new reboot version of Star Trek is getting some quality products coming out...first, of course, the movie (like it or not, it was really well done!), then the board game that came out on June 15th, which is a really well made and design game which plays fairly well too. Now, the video game, which from the few videos I've seen looks like another quality product...time will tell...

I just wish they will put as much time and effort on the rest of the Star Trek universe!


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I hope,what game do not will be mmorpg and do need will be pay 20$ per month.Or game will be mmorpg?Please give answer on my question.


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I'm not too sure what to expect from this game...

But I'll definitely give it a play-through!

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I want it! When, in 2012, is it coming out? 

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sounds good


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Quote: Ezri Janeway @ Jun. 20 2011, 6:23 am

Quote: guillermo.mejía @ Jun. 17 2011, 7:58 pm



>Indeed, and Mass Effect's cover system was like Gears of War so it's all good.


My two all time fave games, in order. A close 3rd would be Fallout 3.

All good choices in my book.

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Please tell me it is not for any of the console systems, but for the tried and true PC!


I am SO tired of hearing about the doggone console I m ready to SMAH the next one I see!!!




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i say:

someone try it out and tell me if its good, then i can go get it and try it out myself

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Its not coming out until 2013 now to coincide with the movie


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