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Best Star Trek Game?

randy kerr

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Report this Jul. 26 2012, 3:00 pm

i have 4 startrek games for the ps2.


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I likeelite force 2 and ds9 fallen.


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I don't really game any more, but when I did I was a big fps fan, and STEF I and II were both great games.

"There are always alternatives" Spock


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Best Star Trek games that are actually Star Trek games

* Star Trek Bridge Commander

A bit hard to find for a decent price. I picked it up on Amazon for about 70 bucks. Well worth it. I get a little tired of the hand-holding though. 

* Star Trek Online

I am a little put off by the arcadiness of it. Too action-oriented to "feel" like Star Trek at times. Still, the Foundry makes all the difference. The community creates the quests, so the quests feel like they're written by Star Trek fans. It's a lot deeper than it looks at first glance, and I'm having a lot of fun ust managing my crew.

Best Star Trek games that aren't actually Star Trek games


A roguelike ship management simulation. You get a crew, a ship, and a dozen or so sectors of baddies to get through. It's simple, but it's engaging and fun. It's about 10 bucks on Steam.

* Artemis

A 6 player bridge simulator. Each player has his own station (Captain, Tactical, Science, Communication, Engineering, and Helm), and each can only see what is relevant to his position. The captain doesn't actually have any interface, just the main screen. He reacts to what his officers are telling him. It can be played with 4, but it's best with all 6.


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I have started to play Star Trek Online game. Its not too bad, but sometimes feels like you are playing the same episode a number of times.


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We have allot of people from startrek playing also.  it is a 3D universe set in a turn based game.


I wish ST Armada could be played in Vista, win 7;  I liked it very much and you could create your own games & mods for it.

I can still play the main game, but the games I created for Armada no longer work on win 98 because of the advanced DX language.




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Report this Nov. 03 2012, 4:02 pm

Startrek Away Team by Activision...Wish they had made more 

love collecting the Decipher star trek CCG


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I've only played Star Trek: Conquest for the PS2. I can't beat it on medium difficulty...FML..


D. Cottingham

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Star Trek Elite Force is a great game.


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Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force and Bridge Commander  


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Id personaly go back a lil further than BC and shoot out  Starfleet academy and Klingon academy. BC was good too. I also enjoyed  Starfleet command  1,2 and 3. 


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startrek legacy is a good game but, they should've done more. a good potential wasted.



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Star Trek Online is the only Star Trek RPG I've heard of. I'd take Starfleet Command for Strategy

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