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Is Star Trek more Democratic or Republican?


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(The role of the Federation Credit is used as a way to barter for items that cannot be replicated, everything else is free.)

No, credits are an expense account used for foreign exchanges. They are not used within the Federation outside of independant contractors.


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>Somehow the universe imagined by Roddenberry had bypassed all of these problems which to me suggest a completely new approach to life, economics, politics etc. The future government of Earth (and thereby the UFP) was clearly neither conservative, nor purely liberal, not utopian, not socialist, communist, or any other ist - but was probably a balanced concoction of all of these things. Nationalism was certainly a thing of the past. It is a planet of equal human citizens.

>One can only hope that one day this might also be the case in reality ...

To a point, we can agree.  Everyone should be equal - in that we all have equal rights - not equal success.  Even in the UFP, people were not "equal" in the progressive mindset.  Additionally, that doesn't mean we give up our sovereignty.  But yes, there was definitely nationalism in Star Trek - it may not have been USA vs. France vs. Russia vs. China - it was the UFP vs. Rumulan Empore vs. Klingon Empire vs. Borg, etc.

I've always belived in equality to mean equality of opportunity and choice and chance.

But that is a starting point. It is then up to the individual as to how they can make of that what they will. Their own aspirations and talents, energy and ability will dictate how successful they are (in their own terms or that of others). A level playing field and a reasonable chance is all anybody can ask for. After that, all sorts of things come into play.

It is not the finishing line ...

I don't see nationalism as such from the Federation's perspective. The UFP was an equal alliance of voluntary members. That is a collection of often enlightened planets recognising the strength in numbers and opportunities via diversity.

Supra-nationalism - or rather the galactic equivalent is of course evident in other parts of space. The Klingons and Romulans (amongst others) verge upon fascist, racist and super-elitist.

The Borg were something else altogether - no reasoned politics - just blind obedience to a flawed world-view with an almost paradoxical obsessiveness about achieving perfection - but to do what with exactly? The Borg were the intergalactic nutcases ... like the Tea Party from the Delta Quadrant!

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>i want a lot of you who see this to think of this?, how should the u.s.a think when it come to other countrys of how they do thing when it comes to thing like star trek any way?. and should the usa go back to school then to learn new thing all over again.


I'm not sure I fully understand your question, but I will take a stab at answering.

ST is fiction. Enjoyable fiction. Enjoyable fiction influenced by the unique perceptions and experiences of the creator and contributors. While it is true that ST has inspired Western pop culture and even future scientists and engineeers to pursue careers, it is not real and will never be real.

So should ST influence how the US government/society operates? No. This is real life and a moneyless, religion-free, sexually open, warfree, utopian society is not on the radar for the US or any other country for the forseeable future.

I find value in, and hope that one day, the US and all of humankind can dwell together in peace, there are no wars, there is no discrimination, all are equal, everyone is fed, has equal opportunity to succeed, there is no poverty, and preventable diseases are a thing of the past. But these ideals can theoretically be achieved in a number of ways that does not involve a one world government, the absence of religion, or a moneyless economy.

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