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Should the next Star Trek be a 3D Movie?

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Created by: Don899


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Quote: OtakuJo @ Nov. 22 2011, 9:15 pm

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>Oh come on now! What could be better then 3D Lens Flare?


* Root canal surgery.

* Scraping one's fingernails out with a plastic spoon.

* Motion sickness with carrots, peas and cranberries.

* A room full of wet dogs.

* Standing in acid rain.

* Sitting through Big Momma's House and 2001 with sparkly vampires.


"room full of wet dogs"

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Should the next movie be 3D? Can we avoid it? I'd like that.

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Hopefully is won't only be in 3D, they should at least give the people who couldn't care either way (beside price-wise) and those who prefer 2D the option of not watching it in 3D.

I personally dislike 3D, one movie was enough to convice me of this. For starters, you have to wear those glasses, which make the whole movie much draker and lacking in much of the original contrast, and them you're lucky if 10% of the film is 3D, and what is isn't very impressive anyways.

I see it as more sound and fury signifying nothing.

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Like Abrams, I am no fan of 3D films...but the powers that be insisted and got their way...frankly it doesn't matter, we can all still watch it in 2D.



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Oh come on! a Trek movie in 3D could be fantastic! Hell, make it in IMAX whilst your at it JJ! Give it the full works! ST deserves no less!

I firmly believe JJ Abrams can bring us something incredible in 3D, and I, for one,  will be first inline for the 3D previews.

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Abrams seems to have gone without the 3D, which I am overjoyed with.

3D is a waste of money. I can understand I-MAX, thats only for maybe a week or so, you still have the option of watching 2D. But making it 3D is just a useless excuse to make more money. 3D also tends to make most who watch it sick and dizzy.


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Not a fan of 3D. It's far from perfect yet.


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Star Trek Definatly should be in 3D it would be fantastic.


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Star Trek shouln't degrade itself any further by making it 3D. But you never know with J.J. Abrams hes very mainstreram. 

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