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How come no one wants to move past the point in time that Nemesis happened?


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>I hate to have to say this, ls -- as I miss Romulus much more than I do Vulcan -- but I'm not sure if they can ignore it. The destruction of Romulus is canon (as in actually on-screen movie canon) now, and not alternate either...


There is no proof that Abrams' universe spawned off from the proper timeline... All we have is Leonard Nimoy, who - as it applies to this movie - is not definitively from the proper timeline either. They can ignore it.

I thought about this possibility too. We do not even know, what time exactly is he from. Anything could happened. He could spend 100, 200 or more years in transporter, like Scotty. Or something like it. (Compare the almost undefeatable Narada with the TNG era Romulan battleships). All the information about him we have from one mind-meld (In a short and very quick form, understandable even for new-Kirk). He could tell him only half the truth. Spock surely knows he shouldnt tell all the details of his mission to a mannerless brat from wastelands just because he happened to be one of his best friends in an alternative universe.



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The Narada has been augmented with Borg-tech.

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Quote: Bk Ray @ Jun. 02 2011, 5:21 am


>I would love to see a post Nemesis universe Star Trek series. However we received about 20 years of non stop Star Trek series. It was so much of this that I ended up not watching Enterprise as I was tired of the franchise.

>It's been a few years since Enterprise, so I would enjoy seeing a new series of Star Trek, although it is hard to look at a new niche to be explored. All seasons have had something unique about them (next gen, space station in fixed space, lost in space, prequal) and the obvious thoughts which spring to mind (a vulcan or klingon ship) I don't think would work.

>What would you like the next series to focus on?


You make some good points - almost like the everyman view of Trek out there in the real world. I guess a great many people just became bored - by TOO MUCH Star Trek that didn't really have anything of the dynamic impact it had once done (twice perhaps with its rebirth as TNG).

It had become formulaic, tiresome, repetitive, predictable, boring ... oh another Vulcan, this time he's black or its a woman instead (yawn) we've had three male captains - let's finally have a woman instead etc.

To the non-Trekkers out there (and even to many of us Trekkies) it must have seemed incredibly stale and lifeless - almost pointless really.

And that is a great shame - but that is the reality of it. Star Trek inevitably, finally, had the life sucked out of it by constant repeating of basically the same tired ideas in slightly different clothes.

We were getting old wine in new bottles - when we should IMHO be getting the opposite - new wine in old bottles ...

By that I mean the future is always going to be the future - but it doesn't have to keep moving forward in linear fashion.

Me - I'd rather go back, in much the same way Abrams has - but I wouldn't reinvent Kirk & Co as he has done. They should have created a new captain and crew from that period for the new film/s - like perhaps the New Frontiers book series with this Calhoun character. Something like that. And left the original Kirk & Co where we liked them.

There is plenty of mileage in rediscovering TOS period if it were to be done better than ENT was. They went too far back then. We need a series that returns to characters and settings we love and are familiar with. There was a huge universe already established in TOS. People want to see more about the Romulan War? Fine - that could be accomplished somehow. Our first warlike encounters with the Klingons - also easy to deal with.

Enterprise had sister ships out there and Kirk had 'brother' (and perhaps 'sister') captains from the academy out there boldy going as well ...

I suppose what I am saying is why keep expanding an already huge universe of characters, ships, time periods and Star Fleet / UFP scenarios? What do we gain from this? Why not just accept what we have and redevelop some of the existing ideas? You need some kind of discipline to make this work. The boundaries are already huge - and via any episode story can be as huge as you like.

I like the back to basics approach. I want to see some more action-packed and gutsy adventure yarns with aliens that look alien (and not just passive humanoids with funny nose ridges etc.). I want a swashbucklng captain riding the interstellar high seas. I want to see fantastical planets and landscapes with multi-coloured vistas - huge soaring mountains - super-futuristic cities, and so on.

Somehow, somewhere along the line we lost the premise that was so clearly established in The Cage and later throughout TOS and some of TNG. It all became passe, bland, passive. Whatever happened to Horatio Hornblower?

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