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Jadzia or Ezri?

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Created by: the bungalo bill


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Jadzia for sure. I thought maybe given more than 1 year Ezri could have grown a lot more as a character and became likable, but I didn't like her for the year she was around. I think it was a mistake bringing in a new character for just 1 year. 


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I would have to say Jadzia because she was smart and she went throught a Klingon Marriage cerimony with Worf. Thats how much she loved him and why she was better. When she died Worf lost the love of his life and could not get it back with Ezri.



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Jadzia was better in looks and personality. To bad the actress didn't want to stay on =(


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Jadzia. Of course Jadzia had 6 years to grow and evolve into the character while Ezri only had 1, but Jadzia was way more fun. She was a partier and liked to live life.  She was a great match for Worf.


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I have to say Ezri. Though I liked Jadzia in her own right, she annoyed me and I could see that she didn't want to be there (the actress). You could tell, in her acting, when she had decided to leave DS9. I was happy for the change when Ezri came in the picture, she was a refreshment to me. 


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Quote: JadziaDax <3 @ Aug. 22 2011, 12:20 pm



>Ezri killed the role completely. Jadzia was so amazing and Jadzia and Worf's relationship was so cool. They should have at least killed her AFTER the baby!


What, so that Worf could be the absent single father again?



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It's a hard question because they were such different characters. I liked both in different ways. It must have been a challenge for Nicole De Boer because she had to follow Jadzia and she only had one season. If she had more seasons, people would have got to like her more. I think Ezri was much easier to relate to.

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