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Star Trek: Hyperion


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In the year 2384 the Federation, her allies, and even her enemies are finally finishing their recovery the Borg Invasion of 2381. In its wake political unrest has arisen and a new threat, a coalition known as the Typhoon Pact has brought a cold war back to the doorstep of the Alpha Quadrant.  Despite these very issues and threats Starfleet realizes that it’s goal and mission must continue and that is to seek out new life forms and new civilizations. The call of discovery, reaching for what we only normally dream of is still a passion that burns deep for so many.

Under the command of Captain Horatio Riagáin (pronounced Reagan) the USS Hyperion has been commissioned as the fleets newest Insignia class vessel. With no patrol zones and no limitations she is to be a beacon to the people of the Federation and the Fleet.  The Hyperion will set out to discover that which remains hidden and will also defend against the encroaching shadows which may try to come forth. Her Commanding Officer and crew know that destiny is not set in stone but it is a path carved along the way of your adventure. As for that path, it has no boundaries or limits, merely the willingness and determination of those who are ready to walk it or go running along it at warp speed.  A world of opportunity awaits those who would join her crew, the question is; why haven’t you already?

We are currently recruiting for all departments ranging from Flight Control, Medical, and even Marines. The position of Executive Officer is also available at this point in time as well, Visit, take the time to look around and then join our family!

Join the adventure:


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Posted application at site, got no reply.  Doesn't look like I'll get one at this point.  Classy...

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