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We want Full Episodes of All series on this site!


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DS9 Yeah Now


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Never going to happen. 


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I used to watch TOS on YouTube through CBS. But I got on one day and the took all the full episodes off. Obviously, it's a money thing. And to be honest, I'm surprised they even have videos up on here.

Anyway, now everything's pretty much streaming on Netflix, so I couldn't care too much now. And my library has all the series. It's a shame though, that they're not here on

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Would be AWESOME to stream at least VOY episodes on here.  I know I sure would visit the site a thousand times more.

As for free, that only means episodes would have to be ad supported.  Which I wouldn't mind.  It's advertising that keeps so much of our online entertainment free (that sounded wrong ).

I'm with so many of you, this is the official Star Trek site and should have more of a selection. 


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The entire time line (from Enterprise all the way to Nemesis) is pretty popular.  TOS is available due to its broadcast run being over for about 3 or 4 years now.  TNG-VOY are, globally, still holding their own in syndication though.

No one knows for certain when those series will be off the syndication airwaves.  Heck, TNG started in syndication and spawned DS9 and (now defunct) UPN was launched by VOY.  ENT wasn't generally received well by critics and fans alike, so it's inclusion on this site was bound to be fairly quixk.  The fact is, the 24th century is still going strong even 10 years after VOY ended.


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I see more of Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis than Star Trek DS9 or Voyager.

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Thats to bad

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