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"..May You Live in Interesting Times.."


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May you live in interesting times. This is an ancient Chinese curse. While it may no longer be considered a curse, this phrase describes the post Khitomer universe. The year is 2294, the Romulans have resurfaced, and the Klingon threat is still very real.


The crew of the USS Constitution does not view this as a curse, but as a chance and an opportunity. The Constitution is unique in its view, and unique because she is an active duty cadet training vessel, tasked with preparing and molding the future of Starfleet.


If you are interested, we have several senior staff positions available. These include:


Chief Engineer

Chief Medical Officer

Chief Communications Officer

Chief of Security


But we are also a training vessel. If you are new to the era, why not apply as a cadet and evolve your character into a future young officer.


To apply or to request more info, you can get int contact with either the CO or XO via email. The CO's email address is: and the XO's


Join the crew and enjoy being amongst a group of Star Trek fans, trying to to recreate the vision first realised by the late Gene Roddenberry. So welcome to an Interactive Writing Group, welcome aboard the USS Constitution.

Captain Phil Waterston Commanding Officer USS Constitution NCC-1700

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