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Favirate bad guys


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The Nausicaans get my vote. I wish we had gotten to see more of them.

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Khan.  The myth, the man, the legend.

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Between Khan and Gul Dukat...Hmm...That's a tough choice!  Honourable mention goes to Brunt, FCA!

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As a race, the Borg are very well conceptualised.  Definitely my vote there.

As for individual characters, Dukat is definitely top of my list.  Absolutely awesome acting, brilliant storylines and superbly created character.

Kai Winn is a good shout from Magnoodle - a definite honourable mention for the way the writers had a wolf is sheeps clothing.  Ruthless, politically motivated, devious - yet all under the guise of being an honourable religious figurehead.


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My personal favorite is Dukat. I have never come across another bad guy that I wanted to like so much but resented with a passion.


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So sinister and yet funny and amusing.


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Quote: Chech'tluth @ Jun. 21 2011, 10:05 am



>So sinister and yet funny and amusing.



Ahh!  I forgot about Lore.  It's been ages.  Lore was a brilliant bad guy.  

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The Borg Queen!


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No one has mentioned the Tribble menace? I know all my Klingon friends will agree they are the scourge of the galaxy. Let's sing songs of the GREAT TRIBBLE HUNT!

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As with many instances of "hey why didn't you pick X?" here, they are good but not my favourites.

I do like Tribbles though -- and yes they are an ecological menace.

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