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Favirate bad guys

Officer Norm

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What is your favorite bad guy


Officer Norm

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Mine is the Borg



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I think my favourite villain has got to be Sloan.

But if you're talking about a political entity, the Dominion. Three awesome villainous races.

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Species 8472


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I'm gonna say Harcort Fenton Mudd and General Chang from Star Trek VI.

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Hmmm, Q when he was in the role of antagonist, though not strictly a bad guy and anyway I prefered him when he was being nice (and asking for favours). So I guess it's going to be the Borg. Yes they have lost their terror now were desensitised to them but that was inevitable and worth it for the storylines, still definately bad though.

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Yeah Q was more of a "Trickster" than a "Villain", methinks. ~Meaning Trickster in the sense of the folklore archetype, like Loki or Puck.

Have you ever danced with a Tribble in the pale moonlight?


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8472 was interesting havnt seen voyager in awhile forgot all about them good choice... mine would b Dukat though as a individual bad guy agree that the borg or dominon are prob tied as far as the bad guys go!!


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I would definitely say Khan is the best villian. He's a classic, that one, and probably the best acted villian in Trek. Oh, I've never loved to hate a character before... Or maybe that's the other way around? Maybe I hate to love him? It probably works both ways.

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All the way.

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My favorit bad guy was Shinzon for two differnt reason first some feel more sorry for hate. Secound reason he did act villien the main star no reason spective evil in till kidnap Caption Pircord.

Jim Kirk

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There were so many...

Kahn of course he was bad, inteligent, polite, and sophisticated.

The Hirogen (Voyager)  Bigger then Klingons!  Hunt down species just for the thrill of it!  Now thats a bad species!

Klingons (even though they seem to be good guys)

I like the Borg - but it seemd like there was a time when thats all there was... the federation and the borg.

Nero was cool... Polite like Kahn but "blood crazed" wanted revenge so bad thta it made him short sighted  a worthy oponent


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Hands down the Borg. But have to give credit to Species 8472. They are some bad SOB's! lol


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I would say Kai Winn.  I think villians motivated by revenge (eg Kahn) or nature (Borg), are far more shallow and less interesting than villians motivated by ambition, power and all the normal stuff.  Dukat was a little too insanse to be my favorite.  

I also liked the conspirators in Undiscovered Country and Gowron. 

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