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Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country


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Quote: Beartrooper @ Jun. 24 2011, 10:27 am


>I was truly amazed by the storyline not every one liked it but i have always been for the federation klingon peace treaty, and it was a great movie with the Caitan president what a great idea i cant express enough my feelings for how good this movie was.


Caitan? No.



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I think they all acted appropriately for their age and they were not pretending to be young. No rock-climbing Kirk or Uhura fan dance.  And after all, they managed to show Trek in better light after the disastrous fifth movie. And they made it in a decent way.  60 years old captain still seems to me more believable, than somewhat 25 years old brat in command. And there will be a day, when even the brat gets old. You will be one day old too, Twotakes. This is the life. And they are still only humans (well, and one half-Vulcan). If they prove bright mind and that they do not belong to the scrap iron container, they have the right to be on the board of a starship.

(And I think the crew mixed of younger officers and some fatherly characters like Spock and Bones works well)

  I liked how Spock took the initiative to solve the situation and how he and Valeris were working together, until the truth was revealed. I also liked the character of Valeris and I'd like to know her motivation why she co-worked on the treason. The klingon gulag and klingon dog were good. Many people hate the klingon dog, but I happen to like it.

Quite uncomfortable was the forced mind meld scene. It was necessary though.

BTW, what was Worf doing there?


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Great it.


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Quote: Ziriath @ Jun. 25 2011, 4:25 am


>BTW, what was Worf doing there?


His ancestor (grandfather?) was neatly dropped in I think to make us realise that the later Worf's joining Star Fleet was not such a strange decision since his bloodline had been a little more pro-human than other Klingons ...

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First off, even if most of the crew of the original Enterprise claimed they were not racits or even xenophobic, they did hate the Klingons.   Kirk mostly for the death of David - which would piss off any person, no matter how noble they have been.  

Plus, one issue most people on this thread seem to brush past, come close but never hit the mark even is the alogory of Klingons = USSR.    Lots of asked why would the Federation feel threatend by the collapse of the Klingon empire?  Easy, just subsitute the word "Klingon empire" with "USSR" and Federation with "American"  Your answer is right there.    This is what makes The Undiscovered country a pretty damned good movie (minus the Kilingons quoting Shakespeare and citing his works as "Kllngon".. that was a bit much to swallow)

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