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Star Trek - The Movie Timeline


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Has anybody ever figured out exactly how many years are supposed to have passed between each film story?

For example I think after the five year mission was over Kirk went off to be chief of Star Fleet operations or such like for 2-3 years. During this time McCoy had returned to civilian life and Spock to Vulcan.

So when Kirk takes back the Enterprise from Decker it is around 8 years since Kirk's first 5 year command mission started.

I guess TWOK is supposed to be another couple of years later. Then of course TSFS and TVH follow on in quick succession - the whole thing lasting perhaps several months (how long were they on Vulcan - I can't remember - before TVH?). Then how long until TFF?

I think we are supposed to assume several years pass before we get to TUC because they are already talking about retirement. When McCoy is questioned in the Klingon court he refers to having been Enterprise's chief surgeon for 27 years (due to stand down in 3 months). Perhaps his tenure in the Enterprise was supposed to predate Kirk's and yet that can't be true because it is a different doctor in Where No man Has Gone Before. Does that 27 years exclude his period of extended shore leave before his commission was invoked/reactivated by N'Gura?

I'm certain others with better memories for facts and figures will know all of this...

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Thanks for that heads-up Servie!

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It does get confusing in-between movies but at least the chronological order of things make sense… It's too bad that the newest 2009 movie kinda messed things up =(

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