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# 21 Uhura's Song - Janet Kagan

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Good evening Trekkers and Trekkies, I am here to discuss with you the underlying motive of " Tailkinker To-Ennin " In this wonderful book. Post any free thoughts if you have read it. 

I recommend this book 100% if you love the original characters of the Enterprise, a upbeat suspenseful plot unfolds to a major twists that will make you want to read it twice...

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I'm not aware of this book.  Is it fan-fiction?  If so, it doesn't count.

As someone who has used the book forum for a long time, I would recommend you register at where the literature and fan fiction boards get much much more trafiic than here and you get a better discussion.  We don't have many readers here, sorry to say.  On that board you can also talk to many authors.

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It is a great book, and a good read to emphasize on the original characters. 

And thanks, I'll look on that web-site to get more Star-Trek book chat going 


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it is indeed an official star trek novel - i´ve read it, too.

though i don´t quite share ncc´s opinion of it... i wouldn´t mind discussing it with you, ncc, but it would be a shame to taint your enjoyment of it with my criticism of it...

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