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Has anyone else made the connection between the merging of V'Ger and Will Decker as the creation of the Borg?


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PErhaps something else that could blow your mind... how about the fact that if V'Ger did not create the borg... Hence the fact it was found by a "Machine Planet"...


could it have sent ripples threw the fabric of time and created the "Q"? just another messed up idea.


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I thank you for your input. I do now see that excepted canon does not support my theory. Though I feel I need to clarify my theory, to show that at least the thought pattern is sound...

My point was that, Could the “living machines”, Whom had reached the extent of their perfection, It is mentioned in TMP that they had not been able to understand Human ambition, emotion, or “love&rdquo. But once they Assimilated Decker, (excuse the pun, but essentially that's what they did), that took this information, Misinterpreted it, and ran with it to add a biological element to their machine existence to “better themselves”. This could explain the existence of the Borg prior to TMP, (but as machine life only), and then their sudden ambition to add more and more biological life and “distinctiveness” to their own.

I understand that excepted canon states otherwise, I am just justifying the stance to give it credence.


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In William Shatner's book "Spectre," he made the connection, although it was backwards. Kirk is brought back to life (in another book) by being assimilated by the Borg. He is then dis-assimilated and lives. 24th-Century Spock, shortly after meeting Kirk again for the first time, recalls his mind-meld with V'GER and we learn that the Borg are the ones who re-programmed the Voyager 6 probe. That was a number of years ago, however (before First Contact).



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