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Kirk and TNG?

Milo T'Kairum Vega

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Well? What do you think?

Be honest now, don't be all: "Well he never would so that's a dumb question," Have a sense of curiosity!



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No. TNG needed to stand alone. The brief appearance by Deforest Kelly, and of course Nimoy and Doohan later, was just enough to tie in the two without it becoming schtick.

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I agree. With bringing Generations into this discussion, Kirk didn't need to show up. TNG needed to establish it's identity.

After Nemoy's 2 parter, I can say Kirk would have been acceptable, but then the problem becomes what kind of story would he be in? Spock had the Romulan thing, which was a new angle, and Spock himself was now an Ambassador instead of a Starfleet officer. Plus Vulcans are long lived so it's easier to do.

How would you bring Kirk in, and what for? The only answer I find is time travel.

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Matthias Russell

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It was unrealistic to see any of them but Spock.  The other cameos were cool but I think they were excessive and pointless.  Kirk showing up would have been silly and seeing geriatric and frail Kirk probably would have upset the TOS fans.

Milo T'Kairum Vega

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>Very possible, when was DeForest Kelly on TNG!? (haven't seen all the episodes yet,) And yes, Kirk showing up in actuality would have been ridiculous and pointless. So we know TNG would not have benefitted with a Kirk showing.

>But, for me it's a fun idea, something to play with, which was the intention of the thread xD Just to play with something that will never happen. I understand that TNG needed to make it's own impression on the universe, and it did. It surely did, at least on me. But I'm just that kind of person that throw's things out there that make other people go: "Why? Why not just leave it be?" Because I'm space-curious.

>And for the longest time I have wanted to see a confrontation between Kirk and Picard, like crazy I have. So did happen, what sort of plot do you think the producers/writers could or would come up with to make it work? You are correct Guillermo, how would they explain his appearance at all?

>Yes I understand it will never happen.

>But can't we reach past that and just play for a bit?

>ps; excuse any contradictions here, I'm not thinking straight today >.

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TNG was set 89 yrs or so in the future from TOS. Spock of course was still alive. Mc Coy was too, though so old he needed an exo-skeleton in order to get around. Scotty was alive because he was stuck in the Dyson sphere 75 yrs ago and put himself into the transporter buffer.  It was mentioned that Kirk died a heroic death so he wasn't about to make an appearance on TNG.   But for fun purposes  I think Kirk could have also been found stranded on a planet maybe in suspended animation, saved by Picard and helps Picard find Spock on Romulus.


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Ah.... Has anyone seen Generations? The one nasty meal they did was bringing back Kirk.  There was no story, no chemistry and no real point of him being in it - except to appeal to casual Trek fans.  How much better would it have been if Picard had been reunited with Q?

One great thing about the new/alternate Star Trek Movie reality... is that Kirk will get a proper death. Not on some rocky planet trying to deflect the Nexus.


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Hmm not sure what they might do for an episode in regards to having Kirk on TNG. However, I do think they could have done Generations better.  I did like the idea of having both Kirk and Picard together since they are the two best Captains in Starfleet history.

I think what really would have been cool, is if they were able to involve both CASTS of the shows.  The story could start in the 23rd century, perhaps right after the events of Star Trek 6.  Something could happen where the Enterprise A gets pulled into the future while they were on their way home to be decomissioned.  Then the story could develop from there, where some event makes them meet up with the Enterprise D and then they work together to restore time to it's normal flow.

Another cool idea might have been to make a different storyline be the last episode of TNG, and then make the All Good Things storyline into the plot of Generations. Except in this version, have both of the Captains shifting through time, and then meeting up at some point (due to a rift in the space time continuum or something to that effect), working together to solve the paradox of the anamoly, and saving humanity.  It would be cool to see how Kirk would interact with Q, since he was never put on trial for the crimes of humanity as Picard was.  The story could be re-written some how in order for it to make sense to have both Captains involved in this.


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Quote: quantumstring12 @ May. 11 2011, 6:14 pm


>No. TNG needed to stand alone. The brief appearance by Deforest Kelly, and of course Nimoy and Doohan later, was just enough to tie in the two without it becoming schtick.


I agree.



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You know....the more I think about this, the more I see the logic now. There really is only one way that it would have worked to bring in Kirk into TNG (again ignoring Gnereations since it hasn't happened and remmebering this thread is only for fun).

That one solution has to be: Q. If you think about it, he's the only charcter not bound by any sort of rules and is not limited by something as trvial as say...89 years. Say Q wanted to test Picard like never before, and he gives Picard the ultimate measuring stick: James T. Kirk, as he was around the time he saved the Federation president. There would be no need for convoluted time travel or frozen explinations on some far away worlds, or no repercutions to canon, since Q would make it all go away in the end.

That right there WOULD have been an episode worth seeing.

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Quote: quantumstring12 @ May. 11 2011, 6:14 pm


>No. TNG needed to stand alone. The brief appearance by Deforest Kelly, and of course Nimoy and Doohan later, was just enough to tie in the two without it becoming schtick.


I'll second that!  Any other TOS character tie-ins would seem canned and trendy

Although, I'd love to have seen a canon Q/Trelane tie-in but Peter David's 'Q-Squared' is enough to suit my intriguige.

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It would have been nice for TOS fans like myself. I enjoyed McCoy's sort of inauguration - that was a nice passing of the torch. Spock's involvement (and Sarek's) made sense and was very welcome and it was a clever and somehow fitting trick to see Scott reappear (via smart use of technology) and match him up with LaForge.

However, Kirk/Shatner would have stolen the show let's face it. It would have had to have been a story something along ther lines of Generations and this idea was best held back for the big movie baton-pass.


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bad idea. 

as for the Q idea it wouldnt make sense for him to bring a challenger from the past as the Q didnt care about humans at all until pickard. if Q were to bring a challenger for pickard or help pickard with a fun task or game then it would be someone from the future like the captain of enterprise J or something. basically the Q's are out of the eqation no matter what until the TNG period starts. 


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William Shatner, according to the Star Trek TNG Companion book was set to return during the second season of TNG, but they couldn't put together a script that made any sense to him. There wasn't any talk of it after that.


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I understand the temptation, maybe even the desire,
to not have the STAR TREKs be segregated. And there
have been many a cross-over show, we all know that.
But having Shatner on TNG would've been gratuitous.

Had they done it, anyway, I have NO doubt that it
would've been a Classic. Probably much more memorable
than Spock's turn in UNIFICATION. I'm just glad they
didn't. I for one, liked it when TNG pretended it was
the start of it all. I've certainly believed that. ... I Still do!

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